Yuri Lowell
Gender Female Male
Age 22
Race Human
Ship The Fiertia
Position Captain
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonian
Faction n/a

Yuri Lowell is a trap. And that's all you need to know.


Yuri is blunt, laid-back, rude when he needs to be, and deceptively kind-hearted. He generally comes off as a flippant wanderer, but anyone who comes to him for aid will get it. Though he tries to act distant and somewhat aloof, he can’t really stay out of a conflict, or resist standing up for someone who is wronged, especially when either includes a perversion of justice.

Yuri gets a bit of a kick out of messing with people, and he tends to tease just about everyone he meets, even if said teasing isn’t really the best idea. He doesn’t particularly care for diplomacy. Yuri is, however, a very sincere person - if he says something, he means it, even if it seems as though he is simply poking fun. Underneath his irresponsible facade, Yuri is extremely protective of anything or anyone he believes needs protecting. Should something threaten someone close to him, he will immediately shed his slack-off attitude and let his remarkable determination and force of will shine through. Yuri does not back down - some people may see this as arrogant, but it stems instead from a quiet confidence that he will always do what needs be done, and nothing will stand in his way.

He believes very strongly in punishing those who do wrong, and has zero faith in the mechanics of government or law to carry out a sentence.This is not to say he will go out of his way to search out corruption or illegality (though that has been known to happen once or twice), but he will not ignore wrongdoing in any situation, no matter who he has to face - wealth, power, clout, and personal ramifications make no difference when he goes after someone who has wronged.

Yuri’s overdeveloped vigilante complex comes from his cynical view of the ineffectiveness of the laws of man, and an idealism he often tries to hide. He honestly believes the world should and can be a fair place, and is out to make what changes he can.


Yuri was born and raised in the Lower Quarter of Bellcius. Though most of his early life was spent in abject poverty, he never really let it bother him - his friends and neighbors, however, were another story. As soon as he was old enough, he and his friend Flynn Scifo enlisted in the navy, intending to rise through the ranks and make a difference in the social inequalities of the country. Both boys were trained and placed in the Parliamentary Knights, where they got their first true look at the Ivona political engine, and it was not a pleasant sight.

Disillusioned by the corruption of the navy, and convinced that that path would do nothing to change anything, Yuri resigned his post and took off, leaving Flynn behind to try and make an internal change. Yuri spent the next several years working odd jobs - body-guarding, monster hunting, search and recovery, etc - and sent most of his profits back to the Lower Quarter, a habit he continues to practice aboard the Fiertia.

Eventually, he made his way to Kropmork where, not surprisingly, he made the switch to full-time mercenary. Along the way, Yuri ran into Repede, a surprisingly intelligent, battle-scarred dog, and the two adopted each other in an odd way. With Repede at his side, Yuri continued to rise in notoriety amongst the free-lancers in Kropmork-Nahk as a ruthless, but oddly honorable and honest fighter, and drew to him a patchwork of similar-minded mercenaries.

In a dazzling display of his usual ‘why-the-hell-not’ attitude, Yuri registered himself and his ragtag group as a Guild - the name, Brave Vesperia, was taken from a bright, but rarely seen star in the eastern sky. It was not long after that he came across the Fiertia - then unnamed - and managed to scrape together enough money (and perhaps lean on the seller a bit) to purchase the odd, seemingly worthless ship.

Yuri now sails across Reial with a new-found freedom of movement that allows him, and his crew, to take on increasingly better-paying jobs, though he still holds quite true to his goal of delivering fairness and justice to those who need it. He does periodically drop back by the Lower Quarter to check up on things and see to it that money is being put to good use, but for the most part he remains aboard his ship, waiting for the next job.


Flynn Scifo


Unicorn in need of a job... ► The captain and the first mate of the Fiertia meet

Along Came A Doctor ► A large man with really really sharp knives walks onto the, seriously, stop me if you've heard this one.


It's Like A Dream! ► A dramatic chase after some particularly petty pilferers.

And the sky opens up ► Flying the Fiertia towards the badlands, insert Souji's glasses

He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor~ ► Jabu wants to know why the hell the crew is so annoying/prone to announcing they're pirates/stealing his clothes, so he turns to Yuri the bastion of sanity for comfort answers.

A Martyr's Work Is Never Done ► Yuri comes to check up on the intruders Mion sent to the infirmary, runs into Uni. Awkwardness and possible shonen tard undertones will likely ensue.

What You Don't Know, Can't Hurt ► It's the dreaded 'WE NEED TO TALK.' Only, there's a tortured intruder involved.

I am a horrible person for doing this to her~ ► She was exploring the ship (and staying off the top deck) when she caught a whiff of the fear gas. Feel free to bother her, or play out any fear-gas shenanigans you like in this log.

Because we're not being suspicious at all. ► Tsunpo will be leaving the ship for a while to catch the festive feeling of the races, among other things that he'll be doing for the next few days.

SHUT UP, IT'S BOOZING TIMEZ. ► The town of the racing venue, wherever any of you set up tags

In Which Yuri Tries To Slack Off ► Yuri skeedoodles into the pre-race crowds to people watch and pretend he doesn't have 'responsibilities'.

From rooftop to eavetrough to wire to branch ► Crowds are made for getting lost.

Practice ► Souji goes up on the main deck to train a little and runs into the Captain. Epic sparring occurs

Take A Breath and Take A Chance ► A certain slack-off recruit thinks training is for losers and runs into a Lieutenant-Commander who might eat him for breakfast.

First meetings ► Just a talk about the rights and sovereignty of the people between a captain and one of his pilots. Nothing to see here, folks.

Will you walk into my parlor?... ► Someone is not-so-sneakily sneaking into the kitchen to steal some cookies from the cookie jar. But of course, what would Sebastian do as the Phantomhive butler if he couldn't protect the Young Master's double chocolate chip cookies from thieves?

Happy holidays~ ► The Way is having a party on Lunasa night, and has invited the Fiertia over to celebrate with them!

Like canaries in a coal mine ► One of the mines in Tulgim has collapsed a second time, trapping some of the rescuers inside!

Perhaps heaven will be ► Injuries and the consequences of dealing with them.

Finally, a Conclusion! ► Yuri and Erza go to (FINALLY) meet with Reif and deliver Falls' message.

Victoria II & 4423 Boarding actions! ► Sword Battaru and boarding actions

Maybe You're A Joker ► CHASE SCENE. This will not end well for your captain-san, sorry kids :3

And If You Leave Me ► Jailhouse shenanigans in Bellcius.


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