SoA 016

The Victoria II

The Victoria II is a ship in the Ivonian navy. It is captained by Admiral Manfred von Karma, and his First Mate is Commander Miles Edgeworth. Ship, Captain, and First Mate all have a rather unsavory reputation of being ruthless, vindictive, and perfect.

Official Description

“They assigned you to the Victoria II right out of the academy? Who’d you piss off?”

Despite the Victoria II being the most prestigious, competent, and well-known ship in Ivona’s military force, this is a rather common reaction to the news that someone’s been placed there. Perhaps it might have something to do with the captain, Admiral Manfred von Karma; after all, when serving under a reputedly unstable perfectionist, things are bound to get a bit stressful. The captain expects nothing less than flawless performance from his crew and accepts only the most elite crewmen. Or, he would, if the government hadn’t started assigning crewmen to his ship to ensure he actually had a crew. Considering the ship’s large size and numerous weapons (some of which are questionably legal), a fairly large crew is needed to man the ship, as enough weaponry has to be going to make up for the ship’s somewhat poor maneuverability and defenses. Von Karma considers such things negligible; in the forty years he’s been a captain, he’s gotten through each battle without his ship receiving a scratch- save, perhaps, one, but the battle was won. There have been rumors that he’s been using less-than-ethical methods to preserve his win record, but most of them dissipated rather quickly.

“Wait, what? He picked you? You… you lucky, overachieving bastard!

Considering the ship’s reputation, it’s hard to believe that anyone would want to be picked to crew it; however, there is a bright side to serving on the ship. If you survive, you’re practically handed a one-way ticket to a position as an officer—and if the captain himself chooses you, you’re probably a god incarnate, unless it’s a carefully orchestrated plan to get you murdered by your envious fellow crew-mates. Whatever the circumstance, there are three easy things to remember if you join this crew: don’t question the captain, follow orders, and, most importantly, don’t make mistakes.

If the rumors are true, it may be the last mistake you ever make.


The crew currently sits at a comfortable 19 members, 5 of whom are passengers.


Admiral Manfred von Karma

First Mate

Commander Miles Edgeworth


Lt. Commander Kristoph Gavin

Lt. Commander Kotaro "Zura" Katsura


Lt. Commander Rangiku Matsumoto

Major Hijikata Toushirou

Major Flynn Scifo


None currently.


None currently.

Radio Ops

None currently.


Major Zolf J. Kimbley

Major Jack Krauser

Records Keepers

Celes Chere


Lt. Commander Sephiroth Crescent


None currently.


Lt. Commander Robert Chase


None currently.


None currently.


None currently.


Major Leo de Alkirk


None currently.

Cabin Boys


Powder Monkeys

None currently.


Mary Weather Hargreaves

Susan Sto Helit

Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, Prince

Millie Thompson

Phoenix Wright