Tatiana Wisla
i'm in ur ship, sexin' your wimmenz
Gender Female
Age 19
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Pilot
Birthplace Solare
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian Navy

Lieutenant Tatiana Wisla is a pilot on board the Victoria II, most notable for actually following orders, being an ice queen, and being lesbian as HELL.


Tatiana comes off initially as extremely cold and unemotional. She is very good at pushing her emotions below the surface, so that it seems like she doesn't feel anything at all.

Tatiana has a lot of confidence in her abilities, and is very prideful of them. She doesn't take kindly to people challenging her, or showing her up, and will try to enact revenge however she can. She can be downright petty about it.

Although she is generally very professional, when she feels someone is making a mistake, she will inform them; and if they disagree, she will tell them again, louder. This applies whether the other person is her equal, her subordinate, or even her superior; which is how she wound up on the Victoria II in the first place.

Although she tries to give the impression that she doesn't feel anything, in reality all she's doing is suppressing and bottling up her emotions. In a high-stress environment (such as an airship under the command of Admiral von Karma, for example), this could put her on the fast track to a breakdown.


When a city falls into decline, the upper classes move on to more prosperous areas, leaving the lower classes behind them. But when a historically rich family falls on hard times when their peers are moving out, they may not have sufficient wealth to make the move, and so they are left behind, with the lower classes.

Such is the tale of the Wisla family. Once, they were proud and mighty, a family of rich businessmen descended from one of the many warlords that had conquered Solare at one point or another. Unfortunately, the family wealth then descended into the hands of Trevor Wisla, Tatiana's great-grandfather, who was so unbelievably incompetent and made such a royal balls-up of the family's finances that by the time he died, the Wisla family had nothing left but the family estate, and a bare controlling interest in the family company, which had also been driven into the ground.

Perhaps the Wislas could have pulled out of their dive if Solare's economy had not started collapsing at this point. Resources dried up, the rich moved out to Bellcius or Melior, and the Wislas were left behind, trying desperately to remain afloat. Although not truly poor in the manner of Solare's many jobless, they never managed to get enough money to relocate, and the Wisla name fell into obscurity.

Tatiana was born into this, the only daughter of Frederick and Martha Wisla, and spent most of her childhood being regaled by tales of the Wisla family's illustrious past. From a very young age, it was clear to her that the Wislas were no longer what they once were, and that if things continued as they were then things were only going to get worse. Solare was like a millstone around the family's neck, dragging them down and preventing them from getting anywhere. Someone needed to be the one to restore the Wisla name to glory, and she (in the idealistic manner that only children can truly muster) decided that it was going to be her.

She threw herself into her schoolwork, devouring books and equations with the same enthusiasm most children reserved for games and toys. It paid off in the end: Once she was old enough, she made it into the Belarus Academy on scholarship, and poured her effort into that. She discovered that she had a natural aptitude for piloting, and decided on that for her career path.

Following graduation, Tatiana has gone from ship to ship, distinguishing herself on each through her performance. She sends a large portion of her salary home, to her family, knowing that every little bit helps in getting out of Solare. She herself is working as hard as she can to make a name for herself in the navy, knowing that the current turbulent times are rife with opportunities for someone of exceptional talent (such as herself) to distinguish herself, and thus (hopefully) restore some of the Wisla name's former glory.

About six months ago, she mouthed off at the captain of the ship she was posted on, after he ordered her squadron to fly a mission that could be called nothing less than a suicide run, and for no real reason. She narrowly avoided a court-martial by arguing that the captain was unfit for service. Since he was, in fact, completely incompetent, she survived with her career intact, but as a punishment she was assigned to the Victoria II; Apparently the brass figured that Admiral von Karma would either whip the attitude out of her, or he'd wind up dropping her overboard, and either way they'd be rid of her.


Has a serious hate-on for Sub-Lieutenant Agon Kongou, even though he's left. Is Matilda Wormwood's babysitter. Has an awful lot of subtext with Franziska von Karma


Matilda: Pilot, meet loli

Franziska: Getting drunk with another lady

Edgeworth, Matilda: THE FATEFUL MEETING


  • She hates Sub-Lieutenant Kongou
    • No, seriously, she HATES him
      • Months after he vanished, the most-used tag on her journal is STILL 'I Hate Sub-Lieutenant Kongou'.
  • She doesn't like Melior much. When she was a small child, her father brought her there to meet relatives (and try to borrow money from them). Other girls were mean to her until she broke one of their arms. Then she was lonely instead. It was not a good scene.

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