Tao Ren
Gender Male
Age 13
Race Human/Shaman
Ship The Silvana
Position Passenger
Birthplace Badlands
Nationality Badlander
Faction neutral

Tao Ren, hailing from his canon of the animanga Shaman King, is a prickly, rude, and harsh prepubescent thirteen-year-old aboard The Silvana. He's not to be taken lightly, and he often stands out in a crowd. Fuck with him and he will stab some bitches. Oh, and if you take his milk, he will kill you. With pleasure.


"The kid is such a brat..." is the first thing that people typically think of Ren when they first meet him -- and that's only to put it nicely. His holier-than-thou attitude turns a lot of people off, and his arrogance can only be taken in small doses. He's cocky, insulting, condescending, stubborn, impatient, hates apologizing, short-tempered, over-confident, blunt, serious, egotistical, and hates it when people stand in his way. Not exactly the best candidate for a friend, but he takes a while to warm up to you. Even though he may still think you're a moron.

On the plus side, he is a very determined little jerk, who doesn't give up easily and is very persistent. One aspect of his personality that people find shocking is his willingness to put himself in the line of fire, especially if he's become a friend to that person. He's actually very selfless and tortured inside, but is able to maintain a cold exterior to mask his emotional susceptibility. Much of his earlier life was spent hating all of humanity as a result of his upbringing and less than picture-perfect family, who he learned to tolerate instead of abhor over time.

He is very unwilling to trust people, and is more cold and aloof than he is kind, but that icy barrier is being chipped away one day at a time. It'd take a very warm person to melt that frigid heart of his.


The history of the Tao family dates back a few hundred years, and it remains ever ingrained in Ren's mind. Before his family was banished from Bellcius, they served as peacekeepers, helping to maintain peace and prosperity in both the city and surrounding area. They had been well versed in Shaman abilities, and were not hesitant in displaying this to the public, using them as a means of help. But as society moved on and evolved, there was less of a need for Shamans, and there was even a rising sense of disgust for the Tao family. They soon found themselves ostracized, and retreated into the Badlands to avoid being hunted down and kicked out by force.

This apparent "betrayal" was not necessarily unpredictable -- in fact, they had almost seen it coming. The looks of contempt. The obvious distrust. The whispers behind their backs. Even so, after being banished, they couldn't help but feel hatred for humanity, forgetting all kindness and believing it to be some facade or act in order to gain trust, only to crush it later on. But the Tao family would have nothing of it. When Ren, the heir to the family, was finally born, these values and beliefs were instilled at him from a young age.

Ren grew up to despise everything and everyone. And that included his family.

Trained to excel in his Shamanic abilities and martial arts, he was isolated for many years, going into the cities only rarely. He never made any friends. He was cruel to every person he spoke with, save for his sister. And all because of the values his father drilled into his head. It was Ren's belief, as he learned from his father, that every person was unkind, and that no one could ever be trusted. It was better to rely only on yourself for anything, because you could turn your back for one minute and then immediately be betrayed.

But even knowing this, Ren realized he had to escape from his family. Despite everything he learned, there was still an iota of sensible logic inside of him. Being trapped within the clutches of the Tao family forever would serve no decent purpose in the long run, so without letting his family know -- only his sister was told the truth -- he ventured out into the vast, unknown world, unprepared for what was to come, but certain of one thing.

The only person he would ever trust with his life was himself.

And no one would ever change that.


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