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Souji Seta
Souji pic2
Gender Male
Age 16
Race Human (Persona User)
Ship The Fiertia
Position Helmsman
Birthplace In an airship above the Ivonain/Vohemaro boarder
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Unaligned

"...Do you eat it?"


On top, most would consider Souji’s personality to be very laid back and friendly. He is almost always polite, and will still and listen to just about anyone. In fact, many find him almost eerily easy to talk to. The boy nods and smiles in all the right places, and often has just the right thing to say to another’s problems.

But in truth, a lot of this is a mask. Due to his history of constantly living on the move as a child, Souji has lost a lot of his ability to connect with others on a deeper then a “politely friendly” level. There is always the knowledge that no matter how nice someone is, he will not be around long enough for it to matter. So why try to connect? With so much practice at meeting new people he has become an expert at knowing what people want to hear… even to the point that it’s almost like he has no “real” personality at all.

Of course this isn’t fully true. Deep down he is a rather thoughtful person who enjoys the tiny pleasures of others. He’s happier watching happy interactions between his friends then jumping right in the middle of things, only piping in when talked to directly. There is also a tiny sarcastic, snaky streak at his heart. He loves to embarrass or shock others, all while down playing what he’s doing. He can say some rather crude things, but in such a way that it’s hard to tell. He get’s a kick out of playing subtle games with others.

He is also somewhat bitter about his roaming lifestyle. He keeps this tiny harsh corner of himself close to his chest, not wanting to bother others with his issues. But it can leak out on occasion.


Ever since Souji could remember, he’s been on the move. Even before he was born his parents were travelers, high risk merchants often crossing the Ivonian/Vohemaro border to trade goods. Young Souji spent much of his first few years raised by his uncle Ryotaro and his young wife, or hauled along with ever rotating airship crews. Before he was ten, Souji had set foot in just about ever major city on the mainland, even though his “hometown” was technically Bellcius. As he grew he became a active crewman on the ships his parents traveled on, gaining knowledge on travel and geography, usually becoming more attached to the other crewmen then he was to his own often missing parents.

Then the juicy year-long Erelian contract came in, and Souji was sent to live with his uncle in a tiny mountain town near Tulgim. He hadn’t seen Ryotaro in nearly ten years, and now had a young cousin he had never known. After all his jet-setting and living in the biggest cities in Ivona… the change of pace to quiet village life was a shock.

Even so, Souji did his best to fit in, making a few friends and getting to know the family he had forgotten about.

But he wasn’t there long before ODD things started to happen. The quiet town was beset with strange murders. The police weren’t able to tell how the victims were killed, and the town was in a boarderline panic. They had never had to deal with something like this before… But unknown to the townspeople, Souji and his new friends had stumbled upon something even odder. The victims, shortly before their deaths, had posted odd, scrambled ramblings on the Network. The postings only appeared on rainy days at Midnight, and seemed to expose all the posters darkest secrets and fears. After posting, the victim was never seen again.

It was after discovering this and going to investigate one of the death’s with his new friend Yosuke Souji awoke to his power of Persona, and just in time. The two boys were attacked by creatures known as “Shadows” and Yosuke soon gained a Persona of his own.

Over the next few months, Souji, Yosuke and their friends investigated the murders, gaining more powers and fighting Shadows, even meeting a strange creature called Teddie. These creatures HAD to be connected to the murders… but the teens had no idea how. Eventually the investigation stalled, and horrifyingly, the murders were starting OUTSIDE their small town. Souji, being declared the Leader of their small group early on, decided they had no choice but to split up and track the killer. He or she could be anywhere, and if they did nothing the Shadows would spread. Since he was 16 Ryotaro couldn’t stop him from leaving, though he was far from happy about it.

Eventually Souji decided to join the mercenary ship Fiertia. It traveled far and wide, and the ships Marks would be a chance for him to train his Persona and sword-fighting abilities against stronger opponents. He would need the skill for the day he found the killer and had to face him in battle…


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