Ryoji Mochizuki, The Appriser
Ryoji pic2
"Ryoji... That was my name for a time. I... didn't mind it."
Gender Appears male (Ungendered in his true form)
Age 10 (appears 17)
Race Shadow (Humanoid), Demi-god
Ship The Winding Way
Position Strategist
Birthplace An un-named town in Vohemar
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Unaligned

Strategist and general over-compinsating flirt for the Winding Way. Also a part-time demon and world destroying God of Death. Well, ya know how it goes...


Ryoji generally comes off as a friendly, outgoing person. He will usually be the first person to come up and say hi or be right out there in front during any social setting. He has a kind of easy charm that makes people tend to gravitate towards him. He honestly likes people, and being around them as much as possible, and will get sullen if forced to be alone. The downside to Ryoji's outgoing attitude is that he is a hideous flirt. He will flirt with just about every girl he meets, dropping complements and offers to go out with in the first five minutes. He's usually not overly pushy with it, and at worst gets disappointed when turned down. But he keeps trying regardless. He can even come off as a little flirty to other guys, though this is probably more to do with his extreme friendliness rather then anything sexual. He is also somewhat mischievous, and loves to plot pranks or other fun activities, especially if he has a partner in crime to scheme with. But underneath the chipper attitude there is a tiny core of sadness in Ryoji. Part of him knows he is not really human, and not really alive. He fights to feel alive through other people, and occasionally this shows. He clings to others, just to make sure he is 'real'.


Legends state that before humans came to be on Reial, a creature known as Nyx existed. She was the creator of Death and the Mother of all Shadows. Once Death came to the world she vanished, but it was said if she could be re-summoned she would destroy the world, and her summoner would rule the land left behind.

How much of this is true is anyone's guess. But the scientists at the Kirijo Group believed they had found a way to summon this powerful entity. They gathered many creatures known as 'Shadows', a type of monster that fed off the minds of their victims. They believed the Shadows were all tiny parts of Nyx, and by bringing them together they could summon her. They made something all right, but it wasn't Nyx.

What they made was her Avatar, a Shadow known as Death. This creature was powerful, but not the world ender they had planned on. Instead it was assumed this creature would bring forth Nyx indirectly. They never got a chance to find out, as one of the men working on the experiment sabotaged them, breaking the creature apart so it couldn't summon anything.

The biggest part of the beast got free, and began to rampage. The few remaining members of the experiment were forced to send a steam and magic powered robot named Aigis after it. Aigis battled the Avatar to a stand still, but quickly discovered she could not defeat it. In a last ditch effort she bound the Shadow into a host vessel where it couldn't hurt anyone. That vessel was a 7 year old boy.

10 years pasted, and during that time the Shadow adapted to it's new home. It absorbed the information and experiences from it's vessel. It LEARNED. And as it learned it became more and more human. Eventually the Shadow, due to events it couldn't remember, was freed from it flesh prison. But now, it was different. It's name was Ryoji Mochizuki.

Ryoji woke up with only the vaguest idea who and what he was. All he knew was his name, and everything a 17 year old boy would need to know in life. He knew the city he was in but not how he got there, he knew how to talk, but not who taught him. And then there were the dreams about the Fall of the World. He knew he wasn't human. But he didn't care. All he wanted to do was live, and forget everything else.

Since he joined the Winding Way, Ryoji has come more and more in-touch with his bastardized humanity, and thinks to a conversation with a woman on the journal network he came to the realization that as a 'human' he had the choice. The choice NOT to end the world he loved so very much.


Ilyasviel von Einzbern

The two not-quite-humans met seemingly by chance, based purely on an off-hand remark. But over time the two have slowly grown closer and closer. Ryoji has become her Onii-chan, and probably not in a very innocent way. Ryoji on the other hand is not sure what to consider Ilya. She is attractive, and friendly, but he’s unsure if he wants something friendly, or more…

Ness Lakehaven

Like Ilya, Ryoji’s connection with Ness started innocently. A simple doctor’s visit. But Ryoji’s flirty nature got the better of him, and Ness’ off-handed reactions caught Ryoji’s attention for longer then passing. Since then he’s made several attempts to talk and banter with the young doctor, which in turn has caused him to expose more and more of his non-human nature.

Agrias Oaks

Though Ryoji doesn’t know her name, Agrias made a huge impact on him. In a way, her words have become is new creedo in life, and she a almost mythical figure to aspire to.


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  • Though he made no attempt to hide it at the time, the only person who has seen Ryoji's wing is Captain Isako of the 4423
  • Ryoji shares a birthday with at least 3 other characters: May 5th
  • Ryoji has a second form that has yet to appear in gameplay: A ten-year-old boy names Pharos.
  • Unknown to the crew of the Way, Ryoji flew the last two miles to the island he was standed on under his own power.

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