Rhyme Bito
Rhyme image
Gender Female
Age 13 (Born 9/14)
Race Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Doctor
Birthplace Abantiare, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Unaffiliated

Rhyme Bito is sweet as can be and always wanting to help someone. She used to be on the 4423, but she moved to the Winding Way and started her training as a doctor.


In a word: cheerful. She likes cliched adages that don't always fit the situation but always serve to make people feel a little better. She's honest and hard working for a kid her age, and is ready to work even though most people would rather loaf around. She is organized, calm and reasonable, especially when compared to her brother Beat.

She's not a genius, but she does think before she acts and she knows to ask questions and consider the answers before acting. One of her defining traits is her hopes for the future. She wants to get out of Abantiare and wants to learn how to put her magical talents to work healing people and, if she can manage, the world.

She's ready to take on all the worlds ills, and even the fact that there are so many of them can't quite get her down.


Rhyme grew up in Abantiare with her brother and her parents. They were poor growing up, and even though they had very little, Rhyme was always cheerful about their situation, always believing it could be improved. She also idolized her brother, a skateboarding wiz and a bit of a hard head. Everywhere Beat went, Rhyme would inevitably follow. She made a point of getting him out of trouble or keeping him from getting too far in it. Even a near-fatal accident couldn't keep her from following her brother until the day he ran away from home.

Rhyme tried to follow him, but by the time she realized he was gone, it was already too late for a young girl to follow and find him. While she was wandering around away from home, she was discovered by a minion of Medusa, a powerful witch, and kidnapped for a test subject. So the day Beat ran away from home, their parents lost both of their children.

Rhyme was experimented on. Medusa attempted to have her magical power extracted into a crystal, but the concoctions had the opposite effect, and her happy memories of her family and her brother were removed or destroyed. Not even Rhyme or Medusa could say for sure what caused the effect, and Rhyme's magical powers were enhanced as a result. She remembers vaguely she has a family and a brother, who she loves, but beyond that, everything in a incomprehensible blur.

Medusa, pleased with the unintentional consequence, set about to test Rhyme and set her out in the Badlands to test her magic and survival skills. Occasionally, Medusa even sent her own daughter, Chrona, to chase and test her. Rhyme did well enough with her defensive and healing magic, but it was eventually her bright and cheerful disposition that won Rhyme enough of a head start to get out of Medusa's little game and to Vohemar.

Too young to really hone her skills as a healer or a mage, and leery of making the same mistake twice, Rhyme asked to join on with the crew of a famous pirate ship, the 4423, as a cabin girl and apprentice healer, hoping it would offer her a chance to learn and become better.


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