Paine Austin
Gender Female
Age 20
Race Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Gunner
Birthplace Bydan
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Vohemar

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She's not much of a talker. Never was, never will be. Not because she believes that words or precious or that she is better off not communicating with others, but rather because she's very choosy about the things she does say. Paine is very secretive, particularly about her past and motives, and is very careful about what she chooses to admit to other people, even if they're friends.

Her demeanor is very calm, and her mood quiet. When she makes decisions, she's very calculated and thoughtful, always thinking of all possible scenarios to avoid trouble. While she is stoic and cynical, she is not anti-social, nor is she intentionally rude or disrespectful to her superiors. Sometimes she can be cold and distant, but it's primarily out of self-defense, and is not meant to harm anyone.

If there is anything that Paine is, it's tough. She's resilient, determined, and strong in a fight, especially with her sword. There are few things that can penetrate that firm shell of hers, as she's headstrong and quite disagreeable when it comes to something she can't bring herself to accept, but will agree if suitable evidence is brought to light.

She's confident of her abilities, but not so much that she's arrogant about it. Always looking to get stronger, she enjoys a good fight, and might even call it "fun", but she doesn't actively engage others in battles unless needed. Underneath that cold core of hers lies a girl that is curious about the world and herself. Life is a struggle for which one has to learn about themselves, and everything that happens in your life makes you stronger, no matter what it is. Sometimes she wonders if what she has will ever be enough, but when there is something that Paine treasures, she will hold onto that forever.


Much of the life that Paine remembers in her childhood was spent in Bydan, her hometown. She tries to suppress memories of it because they weren't very happy times. Her father was absent from much of her life because of his job as a logger, while her mother spent her days working a busy pub, which left her with too much time on her hands. Sometimes she'd play with the neighbourhood kids, but Paine never really liked enjoyed playing with others. This eventually got her teased and taunted -- some of the names she was given -- until she reached her limit at the age of thirteen, and ran away from home with a duffel bag and a determination that could cut steel.

To say that her teenage years were uninspiring would be something of an understatement, but Paine tried hard to make the most of her time alone. With the money she'd saved up during her childhood, she went off to buy herself a sword, but learned she didn't have enough money to purchase it. So as an exchange, the weapons shop owner gave her the sword, but told her she'd have to work in the store to pay it off. For the time that wasn't spent behind a cash register, sleeping, or reading books, the determined girl practiced with her sword every day until her hands nearly bled from the effort. And all her life, she'd wanted to say something. He'd been the first person she could ever consider a friend, and he'd been good to her, even when he could've easily kicked her out onto the street for being unable to afford the sword. He taught her how to cook, how to be more gracious and accepting of others, how to swing a sword, how to program and hack into simple devices (which she was never supposed to share with anyone, as it was a dangerous hobby), but above all, how to be a better person.

But words were never her forte, so she decided she'd make her words known by her strength and power.

Three years passed by, and before Paine knew it, she'd paid off her debt. Thanking the store owner for giving her a roof over her head and food in her stomach, she wrapped up her sword and made her way into the world. Somewhere along the road, she noticed signs posted around advertising something called the Crimson Squad, and they were looking for candidates. She signed up with barely a moment's hesitation, and learned shortly after that their field test was to serve as guards for some important people looking to fix up Antrim and make it livable once more.

Paine's team consisted of three other men around the same age as her, and she served as the recorder of the events. For the few months they were together, things were great, and she learned, over time, to consider them friends, but one day something went very wrong in Antrim that would ultimately change their lives forever. A mysterious force that seemed to be possessing people took out the groups one by one by forcing group members to attack one another. When her group was attacked, they overcame the madness and managed to escape, but only barely.

They thought they were saved. That nothing like this would ever happened again, but they soon met with misfortune once again. Their team leader shot all three of them and retreated, and when Paine awakened, he was long gone. After meeting with her injured friends, they all decided it'd be best to part ways so nothing about the Crimson Squad could ever be remembered.

She left feeling empty and useless, knowing she could've been a good asset to the unit. And she wanted answers, to help her understand why and how it'd all happened. The next two years were spent training tirelessly, but for what, Paine had no idea. She knew it was better for her to forget about the events of the Crimson Squad, and still they haunted her, sometimes from day to day. There was only one way to escape. And that was to form a new life.

So she waited for something to happen. And when the Winding Way rolled into port one day, she knew it was time to forget the past.


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