Adamska Vavilov, aka Ocelot, aka Nikolai Shalashaska
Placeholder person
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Gender Male
Age 20
Race Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Radio Ops
Birthplace The Battlefield!!!
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Backstabbing all of them

Ocelot is a quadruple agent working for the Philosophers, the Ivonian government, the Vohemaro government, and your mom. He is currently stationed on The Winding Way


Ocelot is a puzzle wrapped in a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a flashy package. He has a tendency to play every side at once whether it's for his own personal gain or simply for his own amusement. He enjoys causing chaos, because he's absolutely certain he can control it to reach the precise outcome he wants. One wouldn't really guess that his mind is constantly plotting at about 500 miles a second from a first impression, though-he's quite brash, seemingly to the point of foolishness, and tends to flounce, preen, over-dramatize, meow, make strange hand gestures, and rattle off facts related to certain jungle cats. Most of these tendencies are an act designed to conceal the fact that he's got a mind like a steel trap, but his tendency toward the dramatic is genuine. He loves hamming it up and tends to live life as though life is an over-the-top spaghetti western written by Machiavelli on crack.

Ocelot also has quite the ego, which doesn't necessarily need stroking as he's already convinced he's the greatest thing to walk the earth, but it helps. He also has a definite cruel streak – when he's killing someone, he likes to play an overly dramatic little game of the Antrim Special (aka Russian Roulette) with them before killing them. When in casual, non-combat situations, he enjoys making people as uncomfortable as possible, often invading personal space and disregarding common courtesies. He does have some standards, though; he doesn't like killing anyone he isn't specifically ordered to kill, especially if they're on the side that he's currently playing for, and he finds torture to be rather tasteless. Well, at the moment, anyway.

He also loves his revolvers a little too much.


Some people are said to have been born on the battlefield, although this is only taken literally in a few highly improbable and bizarre cases. Ocelot (or, to use his given name, Adamska) is one of these, which probably explains a lot. The son of a legendary Ivonian soldier and a psychic, his mother performed a do-it-yourself C-section on the battlefield, with bullets flying past. Of course, since the universe happened to hate his parents, he was kidnapped by Vohemaro intelligence officers shortly afterwards. From that point on, Ocelot was raised to be an extremely skilled intelligence agent. He was officially under the care of the Vavilov family, but the only real connection he had with them was that they gave him a bed to sleep in, a place to stash his cowboy novels, and a convenient last name.

While his parentage certainly helped… speed the general military training and process up a bit, he had enough natural talent to justify it. At fifteen, he went on his first covert operations mission, and at sixteen, he worked his way into Ivona's codebreaking division. Instead of keeping with a strict loyalty to Vohemar, he became a full-fledged double agent, making sure to get the right information to the right people. After two years, he defected back to Vohemar while working as a spy for Ivona. Vohemar, knowing nothing of his double-dealings, promoted him for his impressive work, placing him as the commander of the elite Ocelot Unit, one of the divisions of Colvus's militia aimed at human threats slightly more often than the local monsters. He had enough influence that he could easily glean information to send back to Ivona.

Two years went by before a chance encounter occurred that... well, if it didn't change Ocelot's life, it certainly gave someone for him to obsess over. You see, an Ivonian spy with the unfortunate codename Naked Snake was sent on a mission right on the border of Vohemar when he happened to run into a group of Badlands insurgents. Ocelot, having caught wind of the spy's presence, showed up along with the Ocelot Unit, gunned down the insurgents, and, to keep up with his apparent allegiance to Vohemar, attempted to gun down the spy. Things did not go as planned, as Naked Snake managed to take down the entire Ocelot Unit, take down the previously nigh-undefeated Ocelot, and then had the nerve to tell Ocelot that he was 'pretty good,' but he should be using a revolver instead of the gun he had been using at the time.

Really, Ocelot should have been completely infuriated that he failed, but he felt... impressed. Rather like he'd met God, actually. He wanted to wait for another opportunity to fight this Naked Snake face-to-face, but soon, the Kropmork assassinations and the Lunasa bombings occurred, and almost simultaneously both countries that he was working for had decided he'd be better looking for information on whatever group had planned these events. He was to join up with a neutral, civilian ship under an assumed name (Nikolai Shalashaska) and keep going from there. Fortunately, he happened upon an unassuming, cross-continent theater ship by the name of the Winding Way, and really, he'd always wanted to take to the stage at least once.



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  • Ocelot's favorite drink is milk. This is not because he likes having a cat theme at all, no sir.
  • He also really likes fish and instant noodles.
  • He does have some medium skills, but he has no idea how to make any real use of them.

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