Nena Trinity (True "name" 19A)
Nena Trintiy - Pilot
Your doom.
Gender Female
Age 17-18, exact age unknown...
Race Half-human, half-Innovade
Ship The Silvana
Position Pilot
Birthplace Unknown, possibly somewhere in the Badlands.
Nationality None whatsoever
Faction Herself, The Silvana (for now) and the Anti-Gin Association.

Former mass-murderer, now one of The Silvana's stranger pilots.


On the outside, Nena seems like your everyday, impulsive, happy-go-lucky 17-year-old girl. Maybe a bit immature for her age, self-centred, unclear on social norms and too used to being spoiled, but harmless enough. Someone who believes in changing the world for the better. That is, when she’s happy.

Nena has a dark side that’s all too willing to show itself when things don’t go her way. While the people who raised her may have been tough, her brothers were more than willing to let her get away with things. Whenever someone told her off, they were there to reassure her that she was in the right. As a result, she has gone beyond being simply self-centred, having become extremely egotistical: she believes she can do no wrong, that things should always occur within accordance of her beliefs and shows little tolerance for those who don’t see her way. Her immaturity is to the extent that she can barely tell the difference between right and wrong, although she always seems to know what is right for her. She is incredibly impulsive with little concern for potential consequences and prefers to live life in the here and now.

Her good points aren’t entirely non-existent. Her strong will means she isn’t easy to take advantage of. She cares deeply for her brothers. And as long as she’s happy, she won’t do anyone any harm. Luckily for those around her, she’s actually pretty happy, most of the time.

But callous to the extreme, she was been raised to have no qualms about taking human life. To her, it was all just a game she played with her brothers, something that they’d always laugh about later. At least, before they died.

Needlessly to say, her brothers’ deaths changed her. While she acts more or less the way she did before, she has a more solemn side to her and can become serious when the situation calls for it. She doesn’t act so much on her whims anymore, purely in that she doesn’t have that many now. But she’s gained a bloodthirst for revenge. And while she may not enjoy killing anymore, she’s making an exception for their murderer.


Nena’s story starts long before she was born. Celestial Being is secret organization that plans to forever eradicate conflict throughout Reial – by force. A man named Aeolia Schoenberg imagined their original plan 200 years ago; a plan that would takes many years to complete, once put into action. Certain parts of the organization, however, didn’t feel like waiting so long.

Originally, four pilots – “Gundam Meisters” – were to attack indiscriminately against all conflicts. Others believed that the same result could be achieved much quicker if three pilots – “Throne Meisters” – were sent instead, attacking not only those who fought, but military bases and weapons factories as well. And thus, she and her two brothers were created.

The original Innovade, Ribbons Almark had been created through the use of Magitech (although the exact process remains unknown). It was decided that this man would father the three pilots needed, in hopes of granting them superior abilities to normal humans. After many failed attempts, three children were eventually born. Johann, Michael and Nena. While they looked very different from another, they still thought of each other as siblings and were given the same last name to share: Trinity.

They were raised together in an unknown lab that was possibly located somewhere in the Badlands. Their upbringing was harsh, with all their time dedicated towards training. But their love for one another kept them going, with Michael and Johann endlessly doting on their little sister. And so finally, after endless years of training and hardship, they were ready to begin their fight against war.

When the shadow branch first made their move, there was no bold declaration, only the steadily increasing number of places ‘disappearing’ from the map. There were never any survivors, so no one knew exactly what was happening, not even the main branch… until that one incident.

After completing a long string of missions and on the way to the next, Nena attacked a civilian wedding while flying overhead. Bored, tired and frustrated, Nena became jealous upon seeing the wedding below. Not seeing why they should be allowed to have so much fun when she was stuck working all the time, she fired two shots. But one person managed to escape, and that’s where things went wrong.

While the main organization had had their suspicions, hearing the story from the victim herself gave them all the proof they needed to shut down the rebel branch. The traitors taken care of, they sent operatives to capture and bring in the siblings for more information on their missions. The Trinities’ Father had managed to successfully bribe members so that they might “overlook” his existence, and could not risk his secrets being revealed, so he sent a mercenary after them. He succeeded in killing both Johann and Michael, but a mysterious pilot intervened in time to save Nena. Distraught, she fled the scene without thanking him.

Everything changed the night they died. Killing became hard – every time she took a life after that, she couldn’t help but think about the families her victims would leave behind. How they’d feel like she did everyday of her new life. She eventually tried to stop altogether, and will refuse any orders involving potential deaths. But she doesn’t know how to hurt without killing, so should someone attack her, they’ll be taken out. Father still wants her dead, however… which is why Nena eventually decided to take refuge on the Silvana. Even someone raised in lab knows it’s the safest place in Reial.


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  • Her feelings towards her elder brothers may or may not have went a little... deeper than normal.
  • She doesn't know her exact date of birth and thus, can only make an approximate guess as to how old she is.
  • Her insomnia is a direct result of her nightmares - she rarely sleeps because she's scared to.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Nena's just one of the Silvana's younger (and stranger) pilots. She suddenly appeared one day with no past to speak of, and a distinct lack of what one might call, 'common sense'. Apparently there's someone she's searching for and someone who's trying to kill her.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: She's only half-human, a former member of the super secret and shadowy 'Celestial Being', and was raised in a lab until she was 16. Hence the lack of real-world knowledge. Oh, and a mass-murderer responsible for the deaths of thousands.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Her actions are (for about six months, roughly two years ago, numerous locations were completely wiped off the map with no survivors), but Nena herself is not.

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