Muguruma Kensei
One of the game's (in)famous silver-haired people.
Gender Male
Age 25 [Birthdate : May 17th]
Race Demihuman - Genetically Modified Human
Ship The 4423
Position Pilot
Birthplace Bydan, Vohemar
Nationality ex-Vohemaro, now exiled Ivonian
Faction The Vaizards ; Neutral

Muguruma Kensei [Kanji : 六車 拳西] is one of Hirako Shinji's ragtag group called the Vaizards, and currently works upon the 4423 as one of their Pilots. Ever serious and sarcastic, Kensei's harsh aptitude towards life is only a show of the hardships he had been though - and the care he would die before showing to those close to him.


In comparison to his fellow Vaizards and their wacky personalities, Kensei's the one who takes just about everything seriously. Its expected, seeing he was once the leader of the special ops squad in the Ivona military - after all, you can't fuck around when so much responsibility is placed upon your shoulders. While he's much more mellowed as compared to when he was still in the military, Kensei's still a much more serious character when compared to the others such as Shinji and his lazy demeanor, or Hiyori and her violent tendencies.

That is not to say however, that Kesnei is all work and no play; he simply knows where and when to relax and when to get on with business, though his serious attitude usually prevents him from totally relaxing. In the life he has to live now, its game over the moment you fully drop your guard. Due to this, he's also quite easily irritated, especially when things suddenly take an unexpected turn, or when people (read : Mashiro) pester him constantly without rhyme or reason.

While he has been a leader, Kensei considers himself to be still more of a follower than a leader - he's made some rather stupid decisions in his time as Ivona Special Ops leader, thus he's never really made any complaints with Shinji as their sort-of unofficial leader - though of course, he still gets annoyed from time to time by the younger man's laid-back way of life. Kensei's a pretty unsociable person at times due to his attitude, and a hard man to get his trust and loyalty but once you do, that bond is utterly unbreakable unless he gets betrayed (which is what happened when he was in Ivona) and despite all that he may grumble, he does in fact care a lot about the Vaizards and will do anything in his power to protect them - the only people he can truly consider as the family that he never had.

Trust. Kensei has a huge problem trusting and believing people, especially after having his trust broken twice (once over the conflict in Bydan, and another when he was in the military). He gets suspicious over people and their intentions, never taking anything at face value even though they have nothing but the best of intentions. To this end he's developed a sense of paranoia that renders him unable to really fully believe anyone. The only exception to this are the Vaizards, since they're in the same boat as him.

Speaking onto the Vaizards, it'll be pretty obvious once you know Kensei that he's highly protective of them, and would do anything to ensure that they're safe, even to the point of sacrificing himself if he has to. He's immensely dedicated and loyal to them, and its something one can all too easily take advantage of when made use of properly. His rashness and hotheadedness also usually cause him to disregard orders that he's supposed to follow, instead doing things his own way and what he believes is the best way. His stubbornness can get the better of him from time to time, but he's trying to keep his cool not let his emotions get the better of him. He's also too prideful for his own good - even when hard pressed, Kensei tends to take all his problems and responsibilities onto his own shoulders, and never asks help from others, even the other Vaizards. This in turn usually makes him a lot more unsociable as well.

Kensei also can't hold his Vaizard form for very long due to the magics putting a strain on him both physically and mentally, and once the time is up usually he's rendered helpless for quite a while, making him an easy target. Thus to combat that he doesn't rely on those powers as much as Shinji does, instead using his own natural abilities and only drawing out his Hollow when absolutely necessary.


Life had never been kind or easy for Kensei. A native of the logging town Bydan, from young Kensei already had to slog through the days to help with his parents in earning their daily bread. Like his parents Kensei also possessed the ability to see ghosts and spirits, and alongside their daily logging business they also offered services in exorcism and other spiritual related stuff. It wasn't the most glamorous of jobs (god knows how many of those fake exorcists there were), but at least the Muguruma family managed, somehow - they weren't the most popular family name or anything; just enough to earn that extra bit of cash for a decent treat. Life was far from easy for him (especially with the monster problems), but it was a life that he had enjoyed, at the very least; living alongside his parents, working through thick and thin with them... for him, Kensei could think of no better life to be in. It may be harsh at times, but at least he was together with his parents.

This simple idyllic life of his, however, ended when his family got caught up in the conflict over logging activities in the villages near Bydan. To this day Kensei still really didn't know all the exact details (something about Rothsay, Aime and Nereus, villages in the deeper parts of the forest) but what he could remember clearly however was the fact that in the chaos and fires of that conflict, his parents had been taken away from him. Now alone, and filled with resentment over the people in Vohemar over this whole conflict (this whole conflict that did almost nothing but cause pain and strife amongst the people), Kensei left Vohemar, and hid himself in the first ship he could find and crossed the border to the neighboring nation of Ivona, where he found himself stuck on the backwater streets of Solare.

Living in Solare was just the same as living in Bydan, at least for Kensei. Upon those unforgiving streets, Kensei was forced to fight and steal in order to earn his daily bread. It was this rather unfortunate lifestyle that finally one day when some officials from the capital of Bellcius (finally bothered) to come over to look around the city, Kensei was caught while trying to mug them. Far from punishing him for this crime however, the official he tried to mug from was impressed by his capabilities and offered him a ticket out of this place - and to a much better life in Bellcius as part of the Ivona military. It was that or to rot away the rest of his life in Solare, and so Kensei chose the obvious. Under that man's sponsorship, Kensei was enrolled into the esteemed Belarus Academy at the age of sixteen to undergo study to be an official alongside others like the (in)famous Miles Edgeworth.

Not wanting to let down his sponsor, Kensei pushed himself to excel in his studies and while he wasn't the best, he was at least in the top percentile of his year. Upon graduation, he was enlisted in the army and due to a couple of strings pulled on his sponsor's part, was made as a captain of a brigade of Ivona's special ops division. After so long, it finally seemed that life was finally giving him the goodness that he deserved, after slogging on for so many years and having so much sacrifices on his part. It seemed that finally, things were turning for the better.

However, that hope was destroyed as quickly as it had appeared.

After being a captain for a mere two years, Kensei was soon caught up in a wave of secret, underground experimentation (which he joined after some edging on his sponsor's part) that only resulted in him almost losing his life and acquiring his inner Hollow - that is, an alienated part of his mind and soul corrupted by magics. Soon after that, he was exiled from the military (and much to his shock, his sponsor was one of those who wanted him gone) along with several others who were caught up in the same experiments as him. After that, the eight of them gathered together and formed their own small nomadic paltry band called the 'Vaizards', and in time they managed to learn and control the demons inside them, and kept these abilities a secret since it would be better for everyone if nobody knew of their existence save themselves.

Sometime after their band was formed and their life becoming as stable as it could get, Shinji suddenly disappeared one day with only a note of apology left behind. Hiyori while initially utterly mad at his abrupt departure eventually took it upon herself to search for their pseudo-leader and parted from the main group as well. It was only a bit after that when Kensei decided that it would be best if he went too and looked for them - after all, Shinji was going to be smacked to an inch of death once Hiyori found him. Leaving the Vaizards, he took his plane along with him and looked around for word about the duo, eventually hearing rumors about them being on the pirate vessel the 4423 and thus joined the ship when he saw it docked at the port.


Hirako Shinji

While Kensei fully and truly respects Shinji's natural ability to take charge of just about any sort of situation, he does gets pissed off and annoyed from time to time with the man's lack of attention to Small Necessary Details as well as his lazy demeanor. They've been something like friends ever since their days serving under the Ivona Governemt, and Kensei knows that Shinji sure as hell does have that natural potential to take the reins, as opposed to him having to act and really think. They may constantly bitch at each other, hit each other (more on Kensei's side rather than Shinji's) and bicker over just about anything, but when push comes to shove Kensei will always behind Shinji in times of need as a friend and fellow Vaizard. And yeah, with the way they act they're totally a married couple. Kensei will die before admitting this anytime soon.

Hiyori Sarugaki

Shinji's best friend. Kensei didn't know much about her until they were all exiled from military service, but after that they've become something of a brother-sister relationship (though its more obvious with Shinji instead); Kensei's the ever-serious one, while Hiyori's the petulant brat. They argue with each other from time to time, shoot incriminating questions at each other and the occoasional smacking around, but like with Shinji Kensei's always around to make sure that Hiroyi's still there with them, since her hollow is the most volatile amongst them. Despite everything, he'll always be there for Hiyori and the other Vaizards.

Reno Harkin

Fellow pilot, Reno has been something of a friend to him - most of the time they just talk business and work, but lately its been shifting towards a warmer friendship. While the redhead can be a bit cocky at times, Kensei doesn't mind it too much and respects his skills as a pilot. He's not that bad at flying at all, even though Kensei himself was the one who won the annual plane races in the end.

Axel Harkin

Reno's twin brother and Blacksmith of the ship. He hasn't got much chance to talk to him, but so far he sees a pretty decent guy in the fire mage.

Miles Edgeworth

An old friend, Edgeworth had been dorm mates with Kensei for a year back when he was studying in Belarus. They're more of passing acquaintances rather than anything else, but they have both come to respect each other in that time. Kensei knows about Edgeworth's reputation of being a Vohemaro even back then, and can relate to that. While they used to be friends, now they're apart due to the fact that the other has figured out his connection to the 4423 (and didn't know he had been exiled from Ivona); while he does regret it, Kensei is now forced to take up arms against his old friend - and though he would rather not, he will and would cut him down if the first mate tries to harm him or the Vazards.

Ichigo Kurosaki

The newest Vaizard, Kensei has something of a 'must look over him' complex for the carrot top - he was the first one among the Vaizards to notice the Hollow that had been growing within Ichigo, and now that he's come to them in order to learn how to control it the man has made it his duty to do that. While he is a bit annoyed over the hot-headedness of the other, he can sort of see a bit of himself within the orange-head, and that pushes him forward to make sure that Ichigo doesn't go on the wrong path in this training. He does think, however, that the other could do with learning some manners at times.


Kensei's logs so far in the game can be found here.


  • The name of Kensei's zanpaktou is called Tachikaze (lit. earth-severing wind), and is activated by the command 'Blow'.
    • Upon release, the sword shrinks down to the size of a combat knife, and with it Kensei is able to direct his magical ability as vicious blasts of energy spheres.
  • NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVE ALONG. Kensei's really married to Shinji. I mean really. He may wear the pants, but he's always topped by his waifu.
  • His hair color is natural - he was born with silver hair, and will die with silver hair. Damnit he's not old.
  • Kensei's ambidextrous. He's equally good with both hands due to his childhood of chopping wood in Bydan, and then trained more while in Solare and Bellcius.
  • In his Vaizard form, like the others Kensei dons a skeletal mask - his in shape of something like a hockey mask, but its squared off with six eyes and extends to the back of his head. As with the other Vaizards as well, the sclera of his eyes turn black, and the color of his eyes turn from brown to an unearthly golden yellow, so bright one can say that a single gaze is able to pierce right into your soul.
  • He has a number '69' tattooed right onto his chest; done due to a passing whim of his while he was studying to be an officer in Ivona.
  • Hobbies include training, smacking the idiot Shinji around when annoyed with him and for vaild reasons plus the occoasional cooking.
    • Speaking of that, Kensei's a darned good cook. He especially loves cooking teriyaki chicken.
      • His favorite dish, quite obviously, is terriyaki chicken with rice and (steamed) egg.
        • Milk is one of his more personal preferences in drink. Chocolate milk, that is.
  • He used to have both a younger brother and sister (they were twins) when his family was still alive. Now he looks to Shinji and Hiyori as something of a substitute.
    • Unknown to him though, his younger brother is still alive - only that he lost his memory and now lives as Akihiko Sanada.
  • Like Shinji, Kensei's hollow still haunts him to this day and continues to give him the occasional nightmare from time to time.
  • He wakes up at 5AM daily to exercise, and trains whenever he can to keep himself in shape.
  • He used to be a fan of the Steel Samurai, though now he doesn't have the time to keep up with the series.
  • Open to anything, but Kensei has a preference towards rock n' roll music, with jazz as a close second. Orchestra music is something he appreciates too.
  • Officially, Kensei's name is Ginza Kyoujin [lit. silver mint (Edo period) ; assassin's dagger] on his false papers, since he had the sense to actually change the name on it unlike a certain someone else.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Kensei's part of the ragtag group of Hirako Shinji's - and they call themselves the Vaizards. He also can see ghosts due to being a demihuman and owns a zanpaktou as well.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: He possess a hollow as with the other Vaizards after illegal experiments conducted on him by Ivona and was exiled soon after for this reason. People who dig hard enough will also know he used to be a leader in one of brigades of the Ivona government's special ops squad.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Ahahahaha no. =_=