Milk Palmier

(aka Mimino Kurumi) (aka Milky Rose)

Who left the blue rose petals everywhere?
Gender Female
Age 15
Race Unspecified demihuman - able to pass as human via transformation magic
Ship The Winding Way
Position Blacksmith
Birthplace Palmier settlement, Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction Secret heroine Neutral

Milk of the Palmier village, passing as human with the name Mimino Kurumi to anyone outside of the crew of her own ship, is a spoiled, selfish, impetuous brat. She's also quite good with constructing magitech and uses her own creations along with buckets of blue-dyed rose petals as "secret heroine" Milky Rose.


Milk appears cute and harmless, but it's quick to be seen that she's really a self-important and somewhat snobbish girl who likes to point out others' failings to bring herself up. She sees any position of power as a way to order people around and make them amuse her, rather than a way to help people in need. This is probably a lot of the reason that she created the Milky Rose persona and aims to act like the "secret heroines" in stories; they get to kick butt and then tell off the heroes they saved for being so pathetic.

She is, however, obedient to those above her station, sometimes even sucking up, and will do whatever they ask to get the job done. This especially goes if they're cute, even though this whole thing is about impressing another guy in the first place. Milk has a blushy, dreamy, fangirlish side that manifests with any sufficiently impressive boy or girl, and if there's someone in her way, she'll centre her devious plots on the poor person until they give up and will only stop in the face of Armageddon (and after that, she'll start up again). For a pink fluffball, she certainly is clingy and gets jealous easily.

Milk is also selfish in that she doesn't seem to notice how her attention can bother people if she lavishes too much upon them. She's dedicated to the things she wants but easily bored by anything else, so if she likes you, expect her constantly buzzing around you expecting to be entertained. She hates being lonely and always wants some company when she isn't doing anything important (or when she is).

Although Milk is very good at putting on the aloof "secret heroine" mask over her usual annoying, easily perturbed self, this only applies when things are going her way. When they aren't as planned, she'll quickly revert to her regular self and panic, much as she will deny it later. She also doesn't seem to think very far ahead; she created the Milky Rose persona to keep herself from being blamed for running away, but now wants to gain fame as a heroine in order to attract someone who, thanks to Milk, thinks Milky Rose is an evil thief who abducted his friend. This hasn't even crossed her mind at all. She'll sort it out later... maybe... somehow.

Milk has a thing about ending her sentences with "~miru". Neither of her human forms do. Most people of her race do this with some variation of their name; no one knows why.


Milk came from a small settlement in Erealia called Palmier. The town had been founded by a race of demihumans in the form of cuddly mascot creatures, after prejudice had run them out of their original homes. Milk grew up normally, friends with the sons of the village leaders, Coco and Nuts, who had inherited the rare ability to transform into humans and were thus poised to become the new leaders. She had a huge crush on each of them, Coco in particular, but they always saw her as a little sister. Then one day, due to a mistake when Nuts was guarding the gate, a monster got through and ravaged the town. The two boys decided to go to the palace of Lord Lumiere, the nearest noble, to ask for help or earn enough money to rebuild, even though they knew that humans might not accept them.

Milk was determined to follow, and presented her skills at crafting magitech to the servants. This got her hired to work with them despite uneasy murmurs, not only for being cute and nonthreatening but also because she was talented at her job. After years of work, she ended up constructing magitech for the bodyguard squad, meaning that she had everything possible at her disposal to build the best weaponry she could make. Of course, she stuck around Coco and Nuts, who had taken the human names Kouji and Natsu to fit in, and, when she wasn't working, would make life miserable for any poor girl who smiled at one of them. All in all, Milk's life was going fine.

Then she got a new assignment. The noble in question had commissioned a new set of weapons for the bodyguards, something stronger, but something that could be disguised as an innocent, nonthreatening item in public. With the magitech and supplies she had on hand, she had on hand, Milk created what she would later call an ingenious collection of weaponry, the Symphony Set, which was tailored to each warrior's style and needs. At the front was the Dream Torch, a weapon for Nozomi, their leader who outclassed all the others. She and Milk had never gotten along ever since Milk stole her cream puffs when she left them out on the table, but it had to be admitted that Nozomi was the strongest mage the group had, so the little creature slaved over the last remaining weapon. After it was done, she noticed that there was one item in the pile that she hadn't remembered was there: a small mana crystal of some sort that, to her little eyes, looked like a blue rose petal. She figured that it could always be used for her next project, and left it at that.

Finally, they were ready to be presented to the guard. Milk walked through the halls that day, feeling proud of herself, when she spotted Nozomi in the gardens blushing and flirting with Kouji. Most people would brush it off as a coincidence, or at least try to. Milk was furious. She stormed back to her workshop in a huff and stewed over this, so caught up in her anger that she forgot to wear protective gear. The mascot thoughtlessly picked up the petal-shaped crystal with her bare paw. The next thing she knew, she felt... different. Maybe it had been her prolonged exposure to magical items throughout her career, but she was sure that it had to do with that one crystal, the one that looked so unusual that she named it the Blue Rose. Whatever it was, Milk knew she had to get back at that upstart who went and stole Coco, and she now had a secret ability to transform. This was when she got her brilliant idea.

She wanted to steal the Dream Torch out of spite, but she couldn't; it was custom-made for Nozomi, not her. So she took the Blue Rose and crafted a brand-new weapon using some of the guidelines for the Symphony Set but throwing some out; the ability to combine the five weapons, for example, became the ability to modify her own weapon, the Milky Palette. In all her anger, Milk knew that it wouldn't be good to run away with it where it was obvious that she had done it herself, so she never let anyone else know about the Palette or her transformation. When she did disappear with the Palette, she was in her human form, dressed in an odd costume adorned with rose petals, and made a show of it. The newspapers spoke about a mysterious thief calling herself Milky Rose who had brazenly entered the palace, kidnapped the weapons maker and stolen a mana crystal. There might still be whispers in the street, but they were conjecture, and no one knew better.

Taking the alias of Mimino Kurumi, a foreign human girl, she travelled around for a bit, seeking treasure and fame as Milky Rose (and passing as a plushie to be taken home so she could steal food and have a place to sleep). Her somewhat-thought-out plan is to have Rose become famous, respected and feared, then return as Kurumi to steal Coco back from that ditz Nozomi. When she spotted a theatre ship in the harbour, she knew that this was the perfect chance, especially upon seeing that they needed someone to repair their weapons. The plan was ready, and she just needed to make a name for herself on the main continent. This hasn't gone so well. While Milky Rose has made appearances here and there, sometimes even fighting evil, she still has the reputation of a thief and kidnapper, something Milk isn't sure what to do about. However, she doesn't want to leave just yet, mostly because she's gone tsundere for a good portion of the Way's crew.

At present, only the crew of the Winding Way know that Kurumi is both Milk and Milky Rose.


Active Characters

  • Sophie Hatter: They had a healthy level of animosity before, but once Yuffie was dropped from the game, Sophie took the slot of Milk's in-game archnemesis... or at least biggest annoyance. Sophie likes to spoil Milk's frivolous fun, and Milk can't stand Sophie's boring practicality. They'd save each other if the need arose, but mostly, they just like annoying one another.
  • Ness Lakehaven: Milk thought he was an idiot for dating Joshua, and she especially thinks he's an idiot after the incident on Candy Mountain, although she won't admit that she was tempted to do the same thing he would have. She found slapping him in the face with her ears quite satisfying, though.
  • Suzumiya Haruhi: She shares Haruhi's love for the dramatic and sometimes flippant disregard for other people. They get along well and have a history of dramatic turns to cheer each other up. She still thinks Haruhi should be a secret heroine.
  • Illya Emiya: Illya and Milk have a love-hate relationship. They both use their adorable appearances and devious personalities to get what they want, which leads to identification and sympathy but also selfishness and competition.
  • Ryuuzaki Coil: Well, she sucks up to him because he's the captain. They have come to sparks about certain issues, though, mostly regarding her selfishness and hoarding/theft of sweets...
  • Rikku Dalabane: Kurumi really annoys Rikku sometimes, but they've gotten more amiable in recent months.
  • Kurosaki Ichigo: TSUN TSUN TSUN TSUN TSUN. When they met, Ichigo didn't pay attention to her. He later didn't know who Milky Rose was. He lectures her. He is BFFs with Illya. He gave her a rather painful bruise when she tried to dye his hair blue in the middle of the night. He ditched the Way without telling anyone. HE'S A JERK. And yet she still has some respect for him, even repeating one of his lectures back to his hollow side (and being completely mortified when she realized that that was what she was doing).
  • Monkey D. Luffy: She thinks he is an idiot and that meatloaf is disgusting. Otherwise, he hasn't offended her that badly, and after fighting with him, she admits that he's useful for something.
  • Yamada Hanatarou: Milk thinks he's a wimp and wonders why Haruhi bothers. Not much else to say.
  • Zeetha: These two operate on completely different wavelengths, but there are three things Milk knows. One, Zeetha can fight, fight well, and fight better than she can. Milk isn't afraid to go to her for training, even though she may not like the actual process, but that's just because Zeetha's a slavedriver. Two, Zeetha seems to care about the crew. This is also good. Three, Zeetha insists on giving the whole ship the talk every Amicus. Milk DOES NOT WANT.
  • Watanuki Kimihiro: On a normal day, she enjoys laughing at his expense. He's been nice to her at times, though, and she acknowledges that... when it's convenient. Usually, it is absolutely no deterrent to her plots to sneak past his guard and steal all the candy from the kitchen.
  • Sora Visitae: Another idiot. This one, however, is an interesting idiot. His ability to recharge a deader-than-dead mana crystal until it's off the charts is *very* relevant to her concerns, and though she may not show it, she's desperate to find out why and see if the same thing could help her maintain her human form forever.

Dropped Characters

  • Yuffie Kisaragi: Milk's former love-hate nemesis before Sophie took the position. They bonded over ruined towns and weapon repair, but Yuffie called Milk's secret heroine act "creepy" and it all went downhill from there...
  • Lee Jianliang: He convinced her to start writing home when he learned she'd run away, and he cheered her up when Yuffie hopped ship.
  • Elysia Carter/Venus: Milk really fangirled Venus before she hopped ship. She's a little sad to see her gone.
  • Agatha Heterodyne: She was proud that the scientist found her so interesting, and happy for the chance to do some real work. She kind of misses Agatha.
  • Selphie Tilmitt: Why do all the people who think Milk is cute have to leave? She finds it quite unfair.
  • Shido Fuyuki: Again, she knew she fit somewhere between "oh, she's so cute" and "argh, not the rose petals again!", and picked fights with him over her flashiness, but was interested in his stories (natural blue roses?).
  • Ocelot/Nikolai Shalashaska: He knows just what to say to get on her nerves, and tends to set her off on an immature rant when she'd been trying to act like a dignified secret heroine. She admires him a little but is mostly just bitter about this. She sends him cherry bombs in the mail.
  • Honda Touru: She doesn't like being told to say please and thank you instead of take all the food she likes, but they do have some nice conversations once in a while.
  • Fujimura Taiga -- Everything was fine until Taiga decided to force Milk into getting the Talk with the rest of the ship. Now she holds a grudge.
  • Minazuki Karen: Canonmate! Nice person from home! Oh crap, she's going to drag me back, isn't she? Of course, the third has been temporarily solved, since Karen went around with the Way for a while and Milk managed to get her to go back alone. Milk and Karen are good friends and like each other a lot, and that's not going to change any time soon.


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  • Milk's canon is Yes! Precure 5; she has had two canonmates (Mai and Karen), although both idled out.


  • "(I) Save people who get into trouble that they can't get out of themselves. It's like in all those stories where the main heroes did something really stupid and they're trapped and about to die, but then this mysterious person swoops in in a flurry of cherry blossoms - I think roses are better, though - and saves them with no effort whatsoever and walks off into the sunset after telling them they suck! That's what a secret heroine is."

Rumor MillEdit

  • Anyone might know that a large wind spell involving blue rose petals was part of the attack against Team Fail in Colvus during Long Night. This could serve to help anyone who may wish to track down Milky Rose or has an interest in that level of magic.
  • Citizens of the capital of Erealia might know that a noble's house was supposedly broken into by someone calling herself Milky Rose. They also might have known of Milk and her friends, who worked there. No one else might care much.
  • Members of the 4423 will know that Milky Rose has showed up to help them a few times, associating herself with the crew of the Way.
  • Members of the Way will know that Milk = Kurumi = Milky Rose. They may know her backstory, but she says that she ran away from home and doesn't say exactly that she kidnapped herself. Karen, however, did tell L when she was on the Way, and may have told other people, not sure.