Maxim Czaikovskaya Reshetnikov
Realistic maxim
The sexy purple beast is sexy.
Gender Male
Age 261
Race Jägerkin (biochemically altered human)
Ship The 4423
Position Seaman
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Doesn't technically hold citizenship in any country.
Faction The Heterodynes and the Jägermonster army.

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There are two layers to any Jägermonster's personality. First is the Jäger layer that is fairly standard among Jägerkin. All Jägers were originally humans who took the Jägerdraught, turning them into a type of super-soldier monster. It makes them over-enthusiastic, raucously loud, sadistic in an odd, cheerful kind of way, willing to follow the orders of just about anyone they respect, and it deadens their intelligence quite a bit. You don't depend on a Jäger for anything requiring subtlety, finesse, or common sense. Or at least, you really don't want to. Though if you have to then I guess you're screwed. However, if you need something killed or destroyed with little to no grace then you've got the right monsters for the job!

This side often comes out when Jägers get together in a large group and/or when they're in the heat of battle. It's almost like their version of adrenaline. A group of riled-up Jägermonsters is like winding up two dozen of those chattering teeth and setting them loose... except that the teeth are fangs and the contraptions are about six feet tall. Jägers were created to be killing machines. They feel no remorse and they don't discriminate when they decide someone should be killed. They cause destruction with glee and once they start they can't seem to stop. A Jägermonster with nothing to kill is a bored Jägermonster. A need to follow their master's command is also inherent in them. They are destructive minions with a blood lust.

The second layer is the human layer. This is the personality the Jäger had as a human. Most of it is kept in Jägerhood but it tends to get twisted and tweaked a bit. As a human Maxim wasn't a very pleasant person. He was harsh, brooding, short-tempered, moody, and abrupt. Though, he was also very responsible and held honor in very high esteem. He worked hard for the things he wanted and didn't let anyone talk him down. Now as a Jäger some of these traits occasionally come out but they're typically watered down quite a bit. He can be slightly introverted and a bit on the sensitive side, but once someone's made friends with him he can be a terrific listener and an even better drinking buddy. On the other hand he has a rather disturbing sense of humor that can leave the meek in tears.

Being centuries old, Maxim has a sort of world-weariness about him. He's seen it all, been everywhere, and done everything. Even though his intelligence may not be all that impressive, he has wisdom and experience far beyond that of any ordinary man. Occasionally he says something profound and he has a wealth of knowledge that any war strategist would kill for. Whether he actually uses it in the right place at the right time is another matter. Lately Maxim has become somewhat bored with his life and has been going through a sort of Jäger midlife crisis where he seeks out danger and does stupid things just for the thrill of it.


Early on, Maxim's life was a sad story. He was the first born of a wealthy family of politicians in Bellcius. They descended from a Russian-like culture and in Maxim's household Russian was the primary language spoken. The family was well known and highly respected but behind the heavy oak doors of the lofty manor, the family itself was slowly being torn apart. Maxim's father, Evgeny Reshetnivok was corrupted and manipulating. He was a phenomenal actor and put on a charming face for the masses, then became a raging tyrant when he thought no one important was watching. He also liked to drink which made matters even worse. Maxim and his mother and sister were often the victims of his tempers. They were even left with scars, some of which Maxim still bears to this very day. Of course, nothing could be done about it as Evgeny was one of the most powerful men in Bellcius.

Coming out of childhood, Maxim began weighing his options. At the age of sixteen he stole away on his horse in the middle of the night and left his family behind. It was hardest leaving his sister but there was just so little he could do for her. He ended up joining the Ivonan cavalry under a different name and worked hard to move up through the ranks. His anger and frustration proved to be a powerful motivator on the battlefield. Eight years later found him a Major in the cavalry, leading his own battalions into war.

An unfortunate battle with a stronger army left Maxim with near-fatal injuries. He lay on the battlefield, waiting for death, when some very odd individuals arrived to sweep the area for survivors. They found Maxim on the verge of death and gave him a choice. He could go with them and become a monster to serve a mad scientist for eternity or remain there and die. Hesitantly, Maxim chose the former and was quickly brought to the city of Mechanicsburg nestled in a rather barren area of the Badlands. Once his condition was stable he was given the Jägerdraught and took the oath that would make him property of the Heterodyne family for all time.

The Heterodynes were a family of "sparks", super-talented scientists who could manipulate the laws of physics and do... whatever the hell they wanted really. They were mad geniuses and worked for their own purposes, rather than the good of the people. They had been building an army of Jägermonsters to fight for them for the past several hundred years and Maxim was now one of them.

At first he had been hesitant but it didn't take long for the effects of the Jägerdraught to work its magic. Maxim soon grew to love his new purpose and didn't go a single day regretting his choice. Many years down the line, however, the Heterodyne family was suddenly dispersed by a catastrophic event. The Castle Heterodyne was nearly destroyed and the young heir to the Heterodyne legacy disappeared. No one was quite sure who was responsible, though the formerly-evil wife of Bill Heterodyne had also vanished so Bill and his brother Barry went away on a mission to uncover some truth.

A group of Jägermonsters was sent out on a suicide mission to search for the heir and Maxim had been selected to be among that group. It was seventeen years before the heir, Agatha Heterodyne, was finally found. Maxim and his companions, Dimo, Ognian, and Jenka were the ones to find Agatha practically by sheer dumb luck. They helped to return her to Castle Heterodyne and restore her family's name. A couple years later Agatha still hadn't found her father, Bill, and uncle Barry. It was becoming more and more apparent to her just how much she needed them so she sent Maxim and his comrades to search for them.

It was decided by the leader, Jenka, that they should split up to cover more ground. Secretly, the other three were not thrilled about this one bit as they had been a team for the past twenty years. Maxim and Dimo were especially angered by this as they had shared a rather close relationship for almost as long as Maxim had been a Jäger. Very few actually knew the truth of just how close they were.

Five years later found Maxim living in the farming town of Colvus. He'd eventually settled there to hunt monsters for the farmers. He made good money and the townspeople were quite grateful. There was also the added bonus that Maxim got to kill for a living. It was a Jägermonster's dream job. Soon, however, he became bored with life and decided to begin searching for his former comrades. He boarded the first promising ship that arrived in town, the 4423.


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Rumor MillEdit

Maxim's been a seaman on the 4423 for the past six months or so. He's rather hard to miss, being tall and purple, and can be loud and boisterous at times. The other Jägermonsters who have joined more recently are very old and dear friends of his so he's often seen spending his free time with them.

Semi-recently Maxim shared quite a rickety and... violent relationship with a psychotic ex-assassin. However, that ended rather suddenly one night and she has since left the crew. Lately he's been spending quite a few nights with Dimo. They'd had a "history" from years previous and have now rekindled it, possibly even turning it into a relationship. Maxim's much less likely to talk about it than Dimo is and if asked he'd probably beat around the bush or just flat out refuse to answer.

If anyone were to be interested in 300-year-old Ivonan political history they would have heard of the Reshetnikovs who were a prominent political family in Melior. They also may know about the 16 year old son of Evgeny Reshetnikov who disappeared and was never seen by his family again. This, of course, was Maxim. They also might know that Evgeny was a great politician... not so great a father. The only way someone might know that Maxim is that lost son is if he happens to tell them or if they find out he's a Reshetnikov and do some detective work. In more recent history Maxim, like Dimo and Mamma Gkika, once served a family of evil mad scientists and wreaked havoc throughout the lands. Raiding, killing, fighting, that sort of thing. Most people will have probably at least heard of the Jägermonsters and those nearer Castle Heterodyne will regard them with fear. So he's less famous and more infamous.