Matthew Williams
Calm and quiet until Alfred's in the room. Then it all goes to hell.
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human
Ship The 4423
Position Gunner
Birthplace Vohemar
Nationality Ivona
Faction Pirate



Personality-wise it’s hard to believe he’s Alfred’s brother though at the same time, it makes sense. Matt is close to being his polar opposite. He’s usually calm, with a much stronger sense of rational than the other. He shows an extreme amount of patience too, when dealing with Alfred in general and works well under pressure. He’s all about trying to keep peace and would much rather talk through a difficult situation than fight.

His relationship with his brother though, is interesting. At first the two are often seen arguing or yelling at each other. More often than not, Matt gets the brunt end of a lot of things when dealing with his brother. From situations like getting beaten up for misunderstandings to even being forgotten about a few times (Like when Arthur took him to Ivona), are good examples. Despite all that, Matt cares a great deal about him and would do just about anything he can for him. He crossed the badlands looking for to doof for crying out load. Though he claims it’s so he could kick his ass about leaving.

Matt is definitely not without his faults despite all this. Often times Matt finds himself getting ignored on serious topics with his inability to really speak up. He’s sometimes not quite confident in what he can do and when things get dire, he’s been known to lose his calm and explode. Matt also has a violent streak that he tries to suppress as much as possible. It takes a lot for him to get set off to such a point but, let’s just say he’s not afraid to set something on fire where it deserves.


Matthew is the quieter, slightly ignored twin brother of Alfred F. Jones. Why yes, there are in fact two of them.

Much like Alfred, Matthew doesn’t remember his parents or much of his early childhood. His first memories are of him and his brother playing in a Vohemaro street as children. Again like Alfred, a lot of even that is a blur to him.

The first clear thing that stands out is the day that Alfred disappeared. The two had snuck out of their poorly supervised orphanage. Alfred had promised to go with him into the nearby forest to explore. Matthew met him at the edge of the woods and waited.

Alfred never showed up.

He never came back to the orphanage either. Matt started to wander the streets in search of his missing brother but to no avail. He was just gone. Matt was alone.

Matt didn’t deal with this very easily, and continued to keep looking for him in the off chance that he was just somewhere he hadn’t thought of (He wasn’t very old, maybe five or six at the most). During one of these excursions Matt found the airship docks. Having never ventured this far out, especially not without his brother, Matt began to scour everything he could. He was scared, but, he was on a mission.

Matt eventually found himself faced with one of the ships. The others docked were shut off from entrance; this one still had the gankplank/walkway down. Matt stared up at it with a moment’s hesitation before scampering up. Alfred could have been up there!

In the next couple of minutes the walkway went up and the ship took off.

Luckily the ship was a private Yacht owned by the Bonnefoy family from Ivona; A family which was known for not only being slightly eccentric, but were high status and accomplished in the military. When they found Matt wondering around the ship they found him the cutest thing and just. Took him home.

Not without a bit of traveling though. They were on a yacht after all and after a few months of joy riding about the continent, Matt started to feel more in place with the Bonnefoy’s. They were a little weird, but they were nice and the doted upon him like he was a part of the family, especially their son, Francis Bonnefoy, who looked after him like an older brother.

Eventually the Bonnefoy’s secured his adoption and as they finally made their way back to their home in Bellcius, Matt had almost forgotten that he’d been looking for his real brother.

Not that he had to look far now that he was in Bellcius. The Kirkland home, strangely enough, was right next door to the Bonnefoy’s. There was something about an eternal family rivalry.

It didn’t take long for Matthew to find Alfred again.

And so, despite living with two different families, the twins were together, and Matt felt as if everything had suddenly fallen into place. They both had big, shiny homes, loving families, and they had each other again. The next several years were some of the best Matt ever remembers having. (Despite anything trivial Alfred might have caused for Matt.)

Eventually, Alfred signed up for the military like his older brother Arthur and while Matt wasn’t surprised, he was still sad that he wouldn’t get to see him as often as he did. The Bonnefoy’s noticed the change in their son took him out on a hunting trip. It was a hunting trip that took several weeks out into the nearest uncharted forest full of wild animals and no contact with the rest of civilization whatsoever.

Matt had a ball. He learned how to use a gun, how to survive out in the wilderness and how to hunt fairly big game. After this, the Bonnefoy’s had a trip like this every so often to keep their son occupied.

All seemed to be going well again until Matt caught wind of Alfred defecting from the military and running off to Vohemar without a word to anyone. Matt was flabbergasted. What the hell was he thinking? Not long after Arthur had taken off as well, assigned on airships left and right.

So, Matt waited. Whatever it was, it’d sort itself out, right? Alfred had a short attention span, he’d eventually come back home, right?

He didn’t. And after getting no word from him whatsoever, Matt decided that was enough. That bastard was getting his ass kicked if he had to travel across the continent to do it. So with a newspaper showing Alfred on the 4423, Matt set off to go beat some sense into his brother.


Alfred F. Jones - Hoboy


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Williams is an alias he chose a few days before joining the 4423. His real name is Matthew Bonnefoy.

"...You have to hang onto what [Family] you have. You ...might not have it when you wake up tomorrow, no?"

"Truth, he never would have even considered joining a ship at all if it hadn't been for Alfred, let alone a pirate ship, let alone the 4423. The things he did for family."

"I don't know about you, sir, but the sooner I'm not holding a stack of lightning rods, the better,"

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