Manfred von Karma
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Bitches love him.
Gender Male
Age 65
Race Human/Caucasian
Ship Victoria II
Position Captain
Birthplace Bellicus
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian Navy

Manfred von Karma is the captain of the Victoria II. He is one badass motherfucker who is the very embodiment of perfection. If you're on his ship and you're not perfect, you're fucked.


Over the years, the name von Karma has become synonymous with perfection, and Manfred is no exception. He upholds the family tradition of being absolutely perfect in every way, to the point of obsession. The general populace also seems to agree that he upholds the family tradition of being completely batshit insane. Of course, they wouldn't say this to his face; von Karma is utterly ruthless, and doesn't take any nonsense from inferior beings like the population of the rest of the planet. He is incredibly arrogant, and prides his perfect win record above all else. This, of course, means that he will leave no chance of a possible loss, going as far as to use dirty tactics, illegal weaponry, and extraneous snapping of his fingers. His demeanor is typically cool, refined, and collected, although he is not above mocking the opposition... and if he does lose at something, he certainly doesn't take it well. He doesn’t tolerate disorder on his ship and gets a bit… terse whenever things are not in perfect organization.


The von Karma family is one of the most prominent in Ivona, and for good reason. Their drive for perfection has brought many a victory to Ivona, causing many to dismiss the slight obsessive insanity that comes with it. It is questionable as to whether they're born with it ingrained into them, or if it's just a result of the Spartan upbringing and conditioning that they undergo. Whatever the case, there is usually only one result; perfection. …except, of course, for the fatal mistakes that occur when they inevitably murder someone only to be killed by another member of the family for staining the family name, but that's neither here nor there.

Manfred von Karma really isn't any different from the rest of them. He was born into the main family, which was rather large at the time, but grew noticeably... smaller, as some of his siblings made a few mistakes and making mistakes in the von Karma family causes you to become rather... shall we say... accident prone. Nevertheless, Manfred survived to effortlessly complete school, become an officer, have his father court martialed when the accidents that his siblings sustained turned out to be not that accidental after all, and, through his unmatched military skill, quickly managed to become one of the most prominent, to almost no one's surprise. To the surprise of some people, he got married, and to the greater surprise of the same people, he had two daughters. He remained completely undefeated; nobody could even come close to even getting a shot in during a battle with him.

Until a man by the name of Gregory Edgeworth came upon the scene, which resulted in a surprise skirmish for both sides. Gregory managed to deal quite a bit of damage to von Karma's ship, which was utterly infuriating because he had defeated entire fleets and to be very nearly defeated by a few lucky shots- well. Even though the ship was dangerously close to... well... falling apart, von Karma pursued him, but he got away.

Shortly after the battle, Parliament had the nerve to arrange a minor truce. Neither side believed permanent peace was possible, but they didn't want to have their ships shooting at each other at every moment. The captains of the ships and a few escorts were invited to Kropmork to "make nice"; needless to say, the talks didn't go well (mostly due to von Karma's impenetrable ego), and the two countries were at a stalemate. von Karma was preparing to leave the building that the talks had been held in when the power went out. He irritably felt his way through the darkness until his eyes adjusted to the dim, ornamental candlelight and got to what he thought was the elevator lift, only to be shot in the shoulder. Maddened by sheer rage, von Karma wrenched the door to the lift open only to see Gregory Edgeworth, some Vohemaro he couldn't identify, and a boy he assumed to be Edgeworth's son, all unconscious. There was also a gun lying on the lift floor; presumably the one that had shot him. He shot Gregory Edgeworth and left the building without incident.

Fortunately for von Karma, this had thrown everybody into complete chaos. Both sides had decent alibis, and nobody was in a real state to investigate due to the the tense political situation. Parliament relegated von Karma to a more subdued role, which also worked out for him; he did need some time to heal, after all.

Shortly afterwards, he ran into young Miles Edgeworth in Kropmork. The boy was being threatened by a few of the… "friendly locals." He considered perhaps leaving the boy to his fate, but... well, the opportunity for eventual revenge, ruination of the Edgeworth name, and a human shield prevented him from doing so. The locals were dealt with, and von Karma offered the boy offered security (i.e. traveling with von Karma and, when necessary, doing menial jobs) and 'information' on the murder of the boy's father(i.e. lies about how it was all the fault of Vohemaro pirates, because everyone knows that they eat their own and they wanted more fighting while Gregory Edgeworth wanted peace), after served to turn Edgeworth against his former homeland. Eventually, this led to Edgeworth being adopted into the family, getting the whole von Karma treatment, and eventually becoming von Karma's first mate.

Recently, he has lost his right eye in a terrorist attack.


  • Edgeworth: His first mate. Edgeworth is practically his adoptive son. Currently, they're heterosexual life partners. Edgeworth has no idea that von Karma killed his father, which von Karma considers a good thing.
  • Jade: One of the doctors. von Karma has a... something akin to friendship/hate relationship with him. von Karma wishes Jade would stop stalking him, at the very least.
  • Takano: One of the doctors. See above, except von Karma's slightly more creeped out by her.
  • [Ffamran Bunansa


Multiple characters: What happens when Ryohei is left to his own devices



  • "What the hell is that infernal racke- ...oh, bugger-"
  • "Also, it appears that I'm out of tea. This is unacceptable."


  • His favorite beverage is Earl Grey tea. It is not boring if it is good, okay.
  • His favorite food is bacon-lettiuce-tomato sandwiches.
  • Manfred von Karma does not sleep. He waits.
  • When Manfred von Karma sleeps with a man, it's not because he's gay. It's simply because the women in the general vicinity aren't perfect enough.
  • On a scale of one to ten, with one being average and ten being on the level of Solid Snake, von Karma's ass is a 9.9.
  • Gregory Edgeworth was asking for it, okay.
  • He spent a few years at the Assassin's Guild in Kropmork, although he's not a registered assassin.

Rumor MillEdit

  • PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: He's the captain of the Victoria II, a Grand Admiral who's been in the military for 40 years, and a real asshole. He's been undefeated for 40 years, and is pretty awesome at practically everything he does. Most of his family died under questionable circumstances, and he had his father court-martialed after an... incident that his father caused and vK stopped. He was recently injured in the Lunasa bombings and has an eyepatch. He has two daughters, one of whom is married and has a child, and his wife died about sixteen years ago.
  • SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: He has an old wound in his right shoulder, which... could be found out if you either know him really well or if you accidentally hit him there. He's also been involved in some shady stuff, although you'd have to dig really deep to find any ties that remotely link him to such events. There are rumors of the former, but...
  • POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: He's one of the most important figures in the Ivonian military, so... yes. He's in political cartoons all the damn time, and there are rumors about the aforementioned shady stuff. It's likely he's a pretty polarizing figure; some people think that he's a crazy old bastard who might eventually endanger Ivona, while others think he's a total badass.