Mai Mishou
La la la~
Gender Famale
Age 13
Race Human
Ship The Victoria II
Position Passenger
Birthplace Melior
Nationality Ivonian
Faction None

The talented artist and world saver, Mai Mishou AKA Cure Egret AKA Cure Windy AKA The Not-so-masked-heroine AKA The-girl-with-too-many-aliases


While most would, upon first glance, say she's shy, this is not the case, but she's not outgoing either. She is quiet most of the time, but does like to put her opinion into places, especially if she likes the subject. She loves to sketch, and loves drawing anything under the sun, once even trying to do just that when she was really young, but she said it was too hard on her eyes. While with her family ties one would think she'd be more focused on studies than arts, she loves to draw, and is pretty good at it. She especially love drawing clouds and their various shapes. Though, she doesn't mind drawing other things.

When transformed, there's not much of a change, although she does seem a bit more serious. However, when in battle, some might say she'd quicker to anger, or that she seems more independent. This is not the case, it is just that she shows these traits better in battle. When speaking with some one, she probably would seem intellegent, or at least artistic. When around people she knows, she also lightens up a bit. She is, although she won't admit it, kind, and a hard worker.


Mai Mishou was born to Astrologist Kouichirou Mishou and Archeologist Kanako Mishou in their hometown of Melior. She was raised there for the first five years of her life, living among the artist and intellectuals, as well as her brother, Kazyua. She loved going to the museum to see the paintings, and always said that, one day, she'd get her paintings put in there. She had always been sad that her mom sometimes only came home after Mai had gone to sleep, but she claims it made the days they had together all the more special.'

When she was attending the Last night of the Long Night, at a special outdoors festival, she had wondered off after a yellow light that had rushed passed her. When she finished following it, she ended up underneath a large tree. There, the yellow light had met with a blue light, which started dancing around the tree. To Mai's surprise, there was another girl there- Saki Hyuuga, but she didn't know her name at the time. In fact, the girls had just met. They played for a little bit, but when they realized how dark it was and that they needed to go home, they said goodbye and left. It wasn't until later that Mai learned who exactly Saki was.

After that night, Kouichirou and Kanako had to move to another town, as Kanako had found a ruin nearby. And another, and another, and it took them eight years to move back to Melior. But Mai was glad they did, as was Kazyua, who wanted to go to university. When they got there, Mai and Saki met once again, when Saki was resting, Mai had ended up snapping a twig and surprising her. Once there, Choppi and Flappi, the two lights from long ago, fell from the sky, a weird guy who looked like he was made of leaves hot on their trail. Choppi and Flappi, unable to give a good explanation, just told them how to transform, and nothing else. They then became Cure Bloom and Cure Egret, and beat up Karehaan, the weird guy. Well, more appropriately, the beat up the monster he created, and he ran away, leaving behind a small, opaque orb. Flappi took the orb, and began to explain who Precure was. The next day, Mai realized she never asked for the other girl's name. She panicked a little bit, but let it go, assuring herself that they'd meet again soon. Probably on the Vitoria II, the ship her family had moved to, due to her parents new jobs as docters.


Phoenix Wright - Light crush and Friend(And knower of her secret identity)

Matilda - At the moment, Mai calls her her best friend, and almost wishes she were the other cure and not the mystery girl from Melior

Garnet - Mai really respects Garnet, although she had to lie to keep her identity safe.


First appearance of Cure Egret.

Mai meets Phoenix

Mai meets Matilda

Mai meets Garnet


Mai has no cannon mates, although Milk Palmier is from another Precure verse.


- Even though in the original cannon Mai could only transform if she was with Saki, in order for simplicity, it's been changed.

- Mai now has a solo attack, much like Twin Stream Splash, so she can do a Coup de Grace just like the original.

- Mai's version of Precure is the least popular

- Even though she spent so much time away from Melior, Mai still afiliates herself with the city.

- Choppi is mentioned many times by Mai, but will never be seen, as to keep the app opportunity open.

- Mai is actually a very talented artist- in and out of cannon.

- Cure Windy originally needed to use the plot device that was Kaoru and Michiru, which are not gonna be apped any time soon, unfortunately. So, she will use a different one later.

- Despite being a magical girl, she rarely uses her magic for anything other than enhancing her abilities when in Cure Egret mode.

- Mai has no idea that her hair is a dead giveaway towards her secret identity.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Mai's parents are relatively well-known in the scientific community, and so's her brother, so those ties are public.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: She doesn't have any secrets really, besides Precure, and the only way to figure that out is to ask her up front. Or ask someone who knows, when they come.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: At this point, no, she's not famous, but later Egret(And later, windy) might become famous heroes.