Luke fon Fabre
Even though I kept my hands clean, they looked dirty; before I doubt my memories, my memories doubt me.

- Karma by Bump of Chicken

Gender Male
Age 17 physically, 7 technically

[Birthdate : April 7th]

Race (Replicated) Human
Ship The Fiertia
Position Passenger
Birthplace Unknown, but believed to be Erealia
Nationality Erealian... kinda, I guess.
Faction Neutral

Luke fon Fabre, the only son of Duke Fabre of Erealia, is currently onboard the Fiertia as a passenger after a long series of unfortunate events. Pretty bratty and spoiled by nature due to his upbringing, Luke's actually pretty caring deep down, though he would never admit it.


Arrogant would be the right word to describe Luke. Having grown up in a life where everyone besides his parents and teacher bow ro his wishes, Luke's gotten used to a cushy life inside House Fabre. Thus, he always thinks that he's right and would never admit that he's wrong even when its obvious that he is indeed wrong. He's a kid with a hell lot of self-pride and looks down on the people around him most of the time. As a result of this, he doesn't have anyone he can call as a friend (maybe besides Guy his manservant and Natalia his fiancee) - only acquaintances and servants.

Luke doesn't posses a lot of patience due to his pampered upbringing, and as a result he gets very easily annoyed, irritated and flustered. When in situations like these he tends to go snapping and yelling at people, especially those he doesn't like and those that cause him these sort of situations in the first place. He's pretty much a jerk, really, but he does have his soft side from time to time. Its hard to see it though, and would rather hide it and be the 'tough guy'. Also despite the loss of his memories Luke is never bothered about that, and he's the kind who never looks back and keeps on going no matter what. Though, perhaps, this attitude is or the best, given the truth of his birth.

His greatest weakness would be easily said to be his pride. His pride prevents him from giving in, and Luke would not give in until the very end. This ties in with his persistent stubbornness, where sometimes he's rather unwilling to compromise or change, though a good talking down will solve this most of the time. He doesn't like to work with people (though this could be due to him having limited company in House Fabre) and is pretty damn uncomfortable sometimes with certain people, especially those that creep/spook him. Luke also tends to shoot his mouth off before he thinks what he speaks, unintentionally hurting people that he never wanted to hurt in the first place. And after that its hard to pull out an apology from him because of his pride.

Even though he's been trained in sword fight Luke hasn't been in a real battle before, per se. A few brawls with monsters, sure, but no real fights. Thus because of that his physical stamina is rather lacking - sure, its a big improvement from when he was still in House Fabre but its not as good as the average Reial citizen yet. Also while he has discovered his ability to use Fonic Artes he doesn't use them often and only in emergencies, as he isn't used to using them and thus gets tired out easily. Overall, he's not a really good fighter at all.

Another point to note is Luke's lack of understanding of Reial's geography. He was never really taught about Reial while confined in House Fabre, or he never listened. Thus the extent of his knowledge in Reial is the two nations, the names of their capitals and the fact that there's a strip of desert in-between them. Otherwise, he's pretty damned clueless about everything else.


Seven years ago, House Fabre had a kidnapping. Their one and only son, Luke fon Fabre, had been mysteriously kidnapped. Search parties were sent all over to locate the young heir to the Fabre family. A few months later, one of the parties returned with triumph - they returned with the missing child, a bit bruised, shocked but otherwise fine and in one piece. However, there was a problem. Somehow the child had amnesia, and could not even recall a single thing - not his name, family or anything at all. It was as if he was a clean slate. It was only after months of examination and prodding that the doctors and family thought that it could be due to the trauma of the kidnapping and lived with that fact, using this time to create new memories instead of searching back old ones.

Ironically, this Luke was in fact a clean slate - contrary to what everyone else thought, this Luke really wasn't Luke: he was a replica, a clone, made by the kidnappers using fomicry (cloning) technology that had been outlawed due to ethical reasons and the dangers of this technology. A wondrous technology that combined the wonders of science and magic, this replica Luke would grow up like any other kid would, and only the most well-versed scientists and doctors would be able to notice the difference between him and the original humans.

So seven years ago, while the real Luke was in Kropmork-Nahk living a new life as Asch, the replica Luke contiuned to live a content life in House Fabre, trained in swordplay by his teacher and one of his close manservant. It was a simple enough life for Luke, and soon enough seven years had passed since the incident of his kidnapping - though because of the kidnapping Luke had been confined to the manor and wasn't allowed to leave at all. Thus like this, he lived a comfortable pampered life.

All that however, changed about three months ago.

One night while Luke was in the courtyard training some of the servants ambushed and tried to kidnap him for reason or reasons unknown. Possibly to earn a bit of quick cash (Luke was the only son after all and he would be pretty pricey) or something else. The reason was never known, but it was true that Luke was almost kidnapped. Keyword of course, being was. In shock and in his terror Luke accidentally awakened his power of hyperresonance and due to the force of this power, blasted the teenager out of his house in Erealia and onto Reial. Or to be more specific, into Vohemar territory.

It took a while, but Luke eventually found out were he was (much to his shock) and after wandering around a little (and getting a sword that someone had thrown out to replace his broken wooden one) Luke eventually found himself in the Badlands, in Shashta. There he found the vessel Montague and after some discussion (mainly shouting on Luke's part) the captain reluctantly allowed him on board and promised to send him back to Erealia once its cargo was delivered. Unfortunately, however, the ship was struck down by the Lunasa bombings and crashed somewhere between the Wurndle river and the Rahki river. Since then Luke has been stuck there, barely being alive by defending himself and salvaging whatever he can find from the destroyed ship.

Finally, after sometime the Silvana came and rescued the ship and its survivors, Luke among them. However he decided to remain on board the ship instead of alighting at Garrettstown, in hopes that the ship might take him back to his home sooner or later.

And of course, how wrong Luke turned out to be.


Rin Tohsaka

Rin is person who Luke can consider the closest as a friend. They've stayed together for two straight months when stranded onboard the Montague, and been together on the Silvana for a bit already. They don't exactly get along very easily (in fact, they more often than not shout and blame each other for just about everything that happens to them) but when push comes to shove, Luke defiantly won't be abandoning Rin anytime soon. He owes part of his life to her since she was the one who did pretty much everything when they were stuck in that shipwreck, from caring the patients to ensuring that all of them remained alive. He'll never admit it though, but he's sure not going to let go of the trust he has with her anytime soon. He's somewhat annoyed over the whole thing with the journal and with Rin tricking him, but he knows its for the best and so doesn't have much grounds to lash his frustrations out. Overall though, they're still friends and to an extent, close confidants.

Asch the Bloody

The word is 'annoying'. But the current long winded one is 'confused, annoying and irritating'.

Now that Luke's seen Asch face to face, its clear that he's confused. He doesn't know just how could someone posses the same face and looks as him. Its clear to Luke that Asch does know something that he doesn't, and its safe to say he's pretty pissed over the fact that Asch isn't revealing anything to him. He's still irritated over how he treated him back inside the Montague and is pretty pissed at the unfounded anger Asch directs towards him. Since they're so similar obviously he does not mix well and this can never understand Asch fully, since truthfully he doesn't quite understand himself yet. Asch is an annoying asshole alright, but the one who helped him all that same. But he's keeping an eye on his original, that's for sure.

Peony Upala Malkuth IX

LUKE HAET RAPPIGS. Okay so maybe he likes them a little. Don't get your hopes up.

Unlike good ol' canon where Luke only sees Peony oh-so little, here instead he have Luke knowing Peony ever since he was in house Fabre. There's not much in canon that I can go with sadly, but I'll have to do with what I can.

ANYWAY. Luke views Peony as something like an older brother figure of sorts (seeing as he's technically only seven) - being the only one in his family, not to mention the fact that he's confined in his manor for no good reason, its obvious that he doesn't get out much - rather, people have to come to visit him. And I'm pretty sure Peony drops in a lot with his many rappigs back in the days. Most likely, Peony's probably the only guy besides his parents, Guy his manservant and Master Badtouch his teacher that he sees the most often (well, besides Al-Cid and Larsa? (or what was that name again for the Shota Lord) possibly, but that's for another time). Because of that, Luke's got quite a strong bond with him. He definitely sees Peony as someone he can talk to and trust, now even more so since he's far far faaaaaaaaar away from home. Most likely, Peony is the only person for now he can trust and rely on since he's just one lost replica sheep.

He finds Peony and his rappigs annoying, no doubt, but its not like he can do anything about that anyway. He's just a noble and the man's a prince~ he's gotten quite used to the rappigs and Peony himself of course, and in his grumpy bratty way he does care somewhat, but you'd have to press on it hard before he'll ever admit it. Its just the magic of Peony, really~

Al-Cid Margrace

Another passenger on the Victoria II, Luke's relationship with Margrace goes back to when the teenager was still in Erealia. The agent's annoying, irritating, absolutely frustrating and always gets under his skin one way or another. However, he's come to see the man as a mixture of friend and something of a bit of a parental figure for him to look up to when Peony's not around. Luke has a pretty close and tight relationship with Al-Cid, though he'll never admit just how important the man is to him both as a friend and a confidant. As irritating as the agent can be he does take care of Luke and the redhead is truly grateful to Margrace for what he does for him.

Delita Heiral

A quartermaster on the Victoria II, Luke has come to look up to Delita as a replacement for the teacher whom he can't contact as of now since being blasted off House Fabre. Completely unaware of the elder's true intentions, Luke has taken a shine for the other and has come to trust him wholeheartedly especially after the whole incident with his hyperresonance. He's blindly loyal to Delita and very open to the other man, doing and listening to everything he asks for and pretty much worshiping the very ground that Delita walks on. If only Luke knew how wrong he is...


Rescue (at last) - The crew of the Silvana finally arrives at the Montague and begins their mission, rescuing Luke and Rin while at it.

First Impressions - Luke finally is released after the whole incident with the terrorist, and after getting a journal from an underground auction (completely unaware) he uses it much to everyone's surprise.

Unwelcome and Unanticipated - After speaking to Luke over Jean Morris's his electronic journal, Tear decides to come see him to discuss a certain matter.

Double Double I'm Seeing Double - The replica meets his original face-to-face. Not that the replica knows this, of course.

- Reunion? Not really. - Luke somehow manages to get himself in Bellcius after his departure from the Silvana at Garrettstown and wanders around in search of a ship to hop aboard. Unfortunately, he's found by a certain prince.

...creepy nurse. - While wandering around and searching for Jade, instead Luke meets the nurse Miyo Takano.

Meeting the Master - Annoyed and frustrated over everything that's been happening in the past few months, Luke decides to go and vent his frustrations somewhere and meets a certain someone...

Oh hell. - Where Luke has a run-in with the Victoria II's captain in all the wrong ways.

The Meeting - After so many years, Jade's past returns to him in the form of a certain Erealian noble...


  • His current path around Reial has been : Erealia, the Badlands, Shashta, the Montague, the Silvana, the Victoria II & as of current, the Fiertia.
  • As opposed to Asch being a right-hander, Luke's actually a left-hander.
    • Also unlike his original, Luke's hair is slightly tinted brown at the ends, though it is barely visible. His hairstyle is slightly different as well.
  • Luke likes to eat chicken and shrimp, though he doesn't have much of a taste for anything else.
  • He's currently engaged to Natalia daughter within the royal family.
  • In Ancient Ispanian Erealian, 'Luke' means 'Light of the Sacred Flame'.
  • His hobbies include sparring, training and anything to do with swords. (hurr hurr)
  • The icon at the back of his coat greatly resembles the Tokanunga that is in posession of Anise Tatlin.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: He's the sole heir to House Fabre, one of the royal families in Erealia. Who should have been confined in said mansion.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Luke's a replica/clone of the original Luke fon Fabre, now otherwise known as Asch the Bloody. He also possesses the power of Hyperresonance, which is basically the ability to summon up a large, intense amount of magical energies capable of shearing everything at the sub-atomic level.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: ...he's been locked up in House Fabre since he was born. What do you think. <_<;;;