Gender Female
Age 9
Race Human
Ship 4423
Position Powder Monkey
Birthplace Kanna village
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction 4423

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One thing you can say for Komachi, she knows her own mind. And she’ll tell you about it. She’s a stubborn piece of work, and once she knows what she wants, she will get it. Although she tries to be polite and respectful in her speech, she’s not deferential in the actual content – she speaks her mind openly, stands up to those she disagrees with, is rarely afraid to ask questions, and teases mercilessly. Her anger is sharp and hot, and she can get aggressive easily, however fruitless her attacks might be. If she dislikes someone, they’ll know about it. Her affections are as strong as her anger, and she latches onto people she likes tightly – Kikuchiyo being a prime example. She doesn’t shy from hard work, and although she is liable to complain if she’s hungry or tired, she doesn’t usually let it stop her.


Komachi was born in a poor Vohemero farming village, the younger sister of the girl who became the village’s priestess, Kirara. Her father died before she was born, and her mother when she was only a toddler – Komachi doesn’t really remember her at all. She was brought up by her grandmother and her older sister, who had also inherited her mother’s priestess duties. Kanna village, where Komachi grew up, was small and isolated enough to lack a school, so Komachi got no formal education, although she, along with the other village children, was taught reading, writing and basic sums. Further education wouldn’t stand any of them in particularly good stead, after all, when everyone in the village would, as a rule, work in the fields all their lives. The village children were included in the workforce at harvest and planting times, though most of the rest of their time was spent running pretty much wild – when they didn’t have chores to do, of course. Life in the village was fairly hard, but the villagers would have made a decent living, were it not for the bandits who came every harvest time and carried off the better part of the rice crop, leaving the village barely enough to survive on. One summer, the villagers decided they couldn’t live with the bandit presence any longer. Unable to drive off the attackers themselves, they decided to use a portion of their harvest to hire samurai to defend them. Komachi’s sister, Kirara, was one of the villagers who set out in search of those samurai, and Komachi, who had never left the village before that time, wasn’t about to let her sister have all the fun of going exploring beyond Kanna, and tagged along. On seeing him, Komachi instantly latched on to the machine samurai, Kikuchiyo, as a potential defender of their village. Although he wasn’t immediately accepted by Kirara or the other samurai they hired, Komachi persistently defended Kikuchiyo, who she had a great liking for. By the time the bandits had been driven off, Komachi had in fact gone as far as to propose to Kikuchiyo, saying she wanted to marry him when she grew up. Of course, after that, she couldn’t let him just leave the village, and her, by himself. When Kikuchiyo left Kanna after the defeat of the bandits, Komachi refused to stay herself, insisting on going with Kikuchiyo. Despite the misgivings of everyone else involved (Kikuchiyo not being the most responsible babysitter, after all), Komachi would take no argument and ended up sneaking after Kikuchiyo.


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