Kid Ashtear
574653-cckid super
Gender Female
Age 16
Race Human
Ship The 4423
Position Passenger
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality Vohemar
Faction none

Kid can either be your best friend, or your worst enemy. Make the right choice.


The girl may look tiny, but her personality is anything but. Kid's cute face doesn't exactly correspond with her boyish, often rude behaviour, and this may be alarming to some people. She doesn't know what proper manners are, having never been taught them, and she doesn't know what's acceptable and what isn't. Despite her occasionally disrespectful attitude, she is a nice person, although she'd never admit to it, and it really depends on one's definition of "nice". Kid is not inherently cruel, and is actually very soft at heart, often taking people easy and letting them off with only a warning, but she's a terrible tease and enjoys poking fun at others. And she never takes more from someone than she feels she has to.

Thievery is something that comes very natural to her, but she knows where to draw the line. She'll never steal from poorer people, and opts mostly for nobles on the streets or richer folk who she thinks already have more than they need. Her logic behind it is that if you're poor enough that you have to steal, you're not worth stealing from. Or it'd be too mean to, whichever. That isn't to imply, however, that she constructs elaborate plans. On the contrary, Kid is very impulsive and does things without thinking through the consequences. Her logic is that you act first, think later. Plans aren't really her thing, but she'll follow them. Just not make any elaborate ones herself. And tact? ... uh, what's tact?

One of Kid's leading motivations is revenge. Revenge for Lynx burning down her orphanage, killing Lucca and her friends there, and ruining whatever hopes she had for a future. It drives her and motivates her decisions, fuels her anger, and gives her something to look forward to: kicking Lynx's furry behind all the way to the moon.


When she was just a baby, she was left on the doorstep of an orphanage that belonged to Lucca Ashtear, and was subsequently taken in and raised there. The first few years of her life were happy and every day was an adventure. She was friends with all the children, Lucca was like a big sister and role model to her, and there was rarely ever any sadness. Kid never wanted anything more. When she got a little older, Lucca tried to teach her some proper manners, but Kid was always too childish and never went along with the lessons, which may explain her poor manners now.

But tragedy struck at the age of 8, when the orphanage was set on fire sometime during the night. Nearly all the children escaped, but as the building began to burst into more flames, Kid noticed that Lucca wasn't outside with them. She had stayed in the house to make sure everyone got out safe. But the fire was too intense for her to run back inside, and so it collapsed with Lucca still within. Memories of that night are foggy, but she still remembered a face that stood out and watched at her home burned to the ground -- Lynx, a demi-human with cat-like features, and his little minion, a small harlequin-looking girl. And she never forgot their faces. Kid vowed to exact revenge for ruining her life.

She would make them pay -- and in blood.

Kid spent the next several years on the streets, eating what she could, sleeping where she could. The girl traveled all across Vohemar, hitching rides to anywhere she could manage in order to form a life for herself. But eventually her pride wouldn't allow her to beg on the streets, so she began to look into other means. It started with sneakily snatching food from markets and hiding them in her bag, and over time, it evolved into snatching purses off people's sides and dashing off into hidden alleyways. With her quick feet, she was rarely ever caught. And when she was, she sure as hell kicked the shit out of whoever tried to take her away. Because of this, she was sent to jail more than once, but never for longer than several months at a time. Not that she could complain. It was a roof over her head.

But this cyclic life of thievery then jail then thievery then jail turned out to be too much of a hasstle for Kid. She wanted more than that. She wanted recognition. So she started stealing from certain people instead -- those she felt deserved it. Rich, condescending assholes. Irritating merchants, the like. And after every steal, she would leave a note that said "YOU'VE BEEN SERVED BY THE RADICAL DREAMERS". Only spelled worse, because she had atrocious spelling, so it was more like "YUV BEEN SERVD BY THE RADICAL DREAMERS". As the years went by, the notority of the Radical Dreamers -- a band of thieves with one one member, her -- skyrocketed and led her to be one of the most feared thieves in all of Vohemar. Signs with her description -- a girl with blond hair and red clothing -- were posted up in major cities, so she learned to stay in the shadows to avoid detection.

Every day Kid focused on her hate for Lynx, pushing forward in her journey to find him and end his sorry life. It gave her own life a sense of purpose and provided her with a determination she never knew she could channel. And when she found him, she would make sure never forgot the name of the great Kid Ashtear.


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