Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryuu
Placeholder person
Gender Male
Age 20 (Birthday 17th November)
Race Human
Ship The Silvana
Position Passenger
Birthplace Melior, Ivona
Nationality Ivonan
Faction Unaffiliated

A frequent ship-hopper and network troll, Yoshiya Kiryuu is more commonly known as Joshua, or that one guy almost everyone hates.


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Ffamran Bunansa

Although Joshua would call Ffamran just a casual aquaintance, Joshua actually enjoys the Navigator's company. While their relationship is somewhat strained due to Joshua pushing Ffamran's buttons with his flippant attitude towards hurting others and the less than caring way Joshua seems to treat Ness, Joshua likes Ffamran enough to play a game of pretend boyfriends.

Sanae Hanekoma

One of the few people from his childhood that he still keeps in contact with, 'Mr. H' was the one who helped Joshua come to terms with his ability to see ghosts and spirits. Joshua thinks of Mr. H as a little like his guardian, and is Joshua's primary confidant when he has problems that he needs to talk out. However, Joshua... being Joshua, always skirts his issues, even with Mr. H.

Sophie Hatter

If Joshua had to call anyone his grandmother, Sophie would be the one. And while he's often teasing Sophie and slithering out of her (vain) attempts to get him to shape up and be a better man, Joshua would actually do a lot for his favouritest not!grandma if Sophie knew the right words. Luckily for him, she hasn't figured out he's fond of her.

Kurosaki Isshin

If Mr. H is Confidant #1, Isshin is Confidant #2. Another one of Joshua's childhood acquaintances, Isshin is the person Joshua goes to when Mr. H isn't available. When Isshin still had his clinic, Joshua would sometimes fake sickness so he could chat to Isshin, not just because he could get out of work (though it was a bonus).

Ness Lakehaven

Ness caught Joshua's interest from the moment they exchanged words over the network. Ness shared so many commonalities with him, yet he was so different at the same time. The distant interest he had in Ness became something more when Ness closed the distance between them the first time they met in person. Ness' affections and acceptance of Joshua's flaws scared and confused him, but as time progressed, Joshua came to accept that maybe he did love Ness back.

Joshua's the worst boyfriend ever, but he's glad Ness forgives him every time he hurts him.


Joshua's relationship with the First Mate of the Winding Way never changes. While Joshua recognises the amount of love Vash puts into his work with the Way, Vash will always be Joshua's number one target for pranks of any kind. Despite his suspicions regarding Vash's past, Joshua often passes up opportunities to find out more about it for teasing the First Mate.

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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE:Joshua started travelling on board the Vic II and the Way when he was about 17/18, and is now a frequent passenger of both. Additionally, Joshua is good at poker and is often around town gambling.

Relevant to Melior: he comes from a well-to-do family and graduated from university that specialised in the Arts at 17. He's basically got a finger in almost all the gossip circles of Melior.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Joshua has strong magic potential, which he hasn't learnt how to tap into. Currently he's only able to do some minor telekinesis, but he hardly ever uses his magic.

Joshua is also able to speak with the dead, but unless your character is on very good terms with either Joshua or Mr H., your character is unlikely to know this.