Alfred F. Jones
A young man that doesn't know where he is going but is determined to set a speed record getting there.
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human
Ship The 4423
Position Gunner
Birthplace Vohemar, specifics unknown.
Nationality Vohemaro (raised in Ivona)
Faction Pirate (for Justice)

A childish and outgoing orphan who was born in Vohemar and raised in Ivona. Alfred is determined to live the life of a Hero and fight for the rights of his fellow Vohemaros. Uniting Vohemar under the principles of truth, justice, and the Vohemaro way is his greatest dream.


Ever the positive thinker, Alfred has the mind and personality of a "Hero" (or so he would like to believe). Many of his decisions are made on the basis of what he considers to be "hero-like" behavior: Fight for what you believe in! Protect those who aren't strong enough to protect themselves (even if they don't want you to)! Most importantly, live a life without regrets! …Unfortunately, his view of the world can over glamorize reality and bypass certain details that don't quite fit into his fantasy world of peace, justice and the Vohemaro way. There's also that little habit of his to stick his nose into everyone's business. He certainly isn't what one would call perceptive. Many of the common subtleties and conducts of society fly right over his head. He's a frank person, and if you ever hope to get anywhere with him, the only way you'll manage to do that is by being frank as well.

All bad points aside, Alfred is actually a very kind person who doesn't discriminate when it comes to making friends. He enjoys the company of all humans and animals alike and holds a special fondness for whales. Al's childish nature can be very endearing, but on the flipside, it's not uncommon to see Alfred reading a newspaper or novel while sipping a cup of coffee, like a real adult. Yes, surprisingly, he can act his age when he wants to. When it comes to a serious situation, you can always count on Alfred to be professional and efficient. Sadly, there are also times when Alfred's smiles are made for the sake of getting by. He may pout in front of others, he may whine, he may even act a bit wistful, but true sadness is something he tries to keep to himself. After all, there's no point in making other people feel bad as well, right?


Alfred doesn't know who his parents are. He doesn't know where in Vohemar he's originally from. Most of his early childhood is a blur, other than the fact that he and his twin brother, Matthew lived in a poorly run Vohemaro orphanage. However, he does remember the day that he met Arthur. The older boy was always there for Alfred and acted as somewhat of an older brother to him. Upon their first meeting, Alfred and Arthur got along so well that Arthur's family, the prestigious Kirkland family, decided to adopt the young orphan who had somehow gotten through their shy son's defenses and warmed his way into his heart. They took Alfred back to Bellcius with them right away. But there's a catch. Alfred, being the absent minded child that he was, had completely forgotten about his real brother, Matt, in all of the excitement. Al left without even saying goodbye to him. But we'll come back to the Matt problem later.

And so, Alfred grew up in Ivona, far away from his roots. Like any good child, Alfred listened to what his "big brother" said. He always followed his orders, and the two of them lived very happily together for many years. However, as Alfred grew older, it became clear that he was not like Arthur in many ways; while Arthur was sophisticated and reserved, Alfred was brash and energetic. The standards that Arthur held himself to and expected Alfred to be held to as well simply did not work for the younger man. For a while, Alfred endured these expectations with a straight face. These expectations lead Alfred to military school, and soon after that, thanks to the Kirkland's pulling a few strings on his behalf, he graduated early and joined Ivona's military as a pilot. Alfred was well known for his skills. But he wasn't happy.

Enter Gilbert Weillschmidt. A friendly acquaintance of Alfred's from the military. Bitter over his dishonorable discharge, Gilbert decided to plant one last seed of revenge towards the people that had scorned him before taking his leave. He made Alfred question what he was doing with his life. He planted a seed of revolution, of independence, in Alfred's young mind. One day in July Alfred signed a letter of resignation from Ivona's army. He left the closest thing he had to a family behind. Not only did he leave Arthur, but poor Matthew, who, by kismet, had found himself adopted by the family that lived next door to the Kirkland's, as well. Once again he'd abandoned his dear brother without even a first thought. Arthur had taken up too much of Alfred's thoughts. From that day forth, he decided that he would no longer be Arthur's "little brother"; he would be his own person.

Alfred quickly found himself enchanted by Vohemar's cause and joined its side of the war. Yes, even if that meant one day facing Arthur, he would do it. His determination enabled him to progress far among Vohemar's ranks, but due to his many star-struck antics, there weren't many captains that seemed to be able to put up with him. As a result, he was tossed around from one ship to another for a good six months. However, before that, he was temporarily stationed aboard the 4423. Even though he was only there for a short period of time, he had grown quite attached to the ship and its crew. When he was given the chance to rejoin the vessel permanently, he jumped at the offer.


Arthur Kirkland: Alfred's older brother figure. From the moment they met, Al and Art held a deep connection. As time went on, that connection began to wear thin, until it finally hit a rock bottom at the point where Alfred left for Vohemar. While their relationship is still strained and a slightly bitter or awkward air surrounds all of their conversations over their journals, there is no denying that Arthur still means a lot to Alfred.

Matthew Williams: Alfred's twin brother. Throughout the years, Matt has had to deal with a lot of bad situations that where caused, in one shape or form, by Alfred. Despite forgetting Matthew on numerous occasions (such as leaving Vohemar to go live in Ivona with Arthur, and leaving Ivona years later to go fight for the Vohemaro cause), Alfred truly cares deeply about his brother. He just takes him for granted sometimes.


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  • "I'm not kidding when I say that a positive outlook on a situation has a positive effect on the outcome, ya know?"
  • "Someone's got their definition of justice all wrong!"
  • "I'm filled with so much health and energy right now that I could take on an entire army of ninjas!"
  • Alfred doesn't believe that he needs his glasses. Although in reality his sight is pretty bad, he tells himself (and others, when the subject arises) that he simply likes to wear them because they make him look mature.
  • He secretly hopes that by becoming a Great Vohemaro Hero he'll be able to make his sort-of brother-like figure (and sort-of secret crush), Arthur, see him as an adult.
  • Favorite foods are cheeseburgers and ice cream, but likes to eat just about anything (especially if it's considered to be "unhealthy" or "junk" food).

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