Placeholder person
Gender female
Age 380-ish
Race Jägermonster (demihuman; was born human)
Ship 4423
Position seaman
Birthplace small village near Mechanicsburg, Vohemar/Badlands border
Nationality Vohemar? Badlands? doesn't really care.
Faction the Heterodynes (local mad scientist / evil overlord family)



Jenka is a loner, and it's not easy to get to know her. She's almost impossible to find unless she wants to talk to you. She will disappear for days (while her jobs continue to get done somehow) and then unexpectedly show up in the middle of a conversation, probably to make a sarcastic comment. She very much enjoys unsettling others. Usually calm and collected, Jenka rarely gets into shouting arguments - she's definitely the "stand on the side, watch and smirk" type. She spends a lot of time just observing people and situations, and even when she seems amused, you can tell she's putting all the information away for future use.

Very logical, she will try to think through new ideas until they make sense. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, she shows surprising gaps in her understanding of human nature, especially the more emotional, ethical or simply peaceful aspects of it: she finds love and protectiveness completely alien, thinks justice and honor are meaningless words, and still finds it hard to imagine a life without violence.

She's guarded and somewhat distant in her relations with others, but she can be cheerful and talkative on the surface if the mood strikes her. Her sense of humor ranges anywhere between adolescent Jäger jokes and cutting sarcasm. In general, her feelings about anything are hard to pin down - not so much because she's consciously hiding them as because of her non-human emotional make-up. Being honestly cheerful and friendly with someone doesn't mean she wouldn't enjoy killing them, or that she wouldn't expect the same in return. Still, people often seem to make her a bit uneasy, and her strange view of the world makes it nearly impossible to figure out why.

She visibly relaxes outdoors and around animals, and frequently seems to pay more attention to the natural world then to the people around her - which pays off when she tells them which way the best game is and when it's going to rain. She takes great pride in being self-sufficient, but deep inside she needs companionship more than she wants to admit.

Jenka doesn't form emotional bonds easily, but once she does, they're deep and long-lasting. She would do a lot for the people she cares about, although she's certainly not going to tell them that, or even admit it to herself if she can help it. If anything, she becomes even more gruff and ironic around them - her attitude could be mistaken for unfriendly, but it's just her way of avoiding what she considers embarrassingly personal conversations. "Embarrassingly personal" covers a lot of topics in Jenka's mind, but increased contact with humans and Dimo's continued efforts are causing her to examine some of them.

Jenka was raised by an army of bloodthirsty monsters, and it shows. Sometimes her dangerous grin makes it obvious right off, and sometimes she seems calm and reasonable until she says something completely evil in the middle of an innocent conversation without even realizing she's doing something strange. Or until you see her lose control. When pushed past her limits, she maims or kills without warning. Sometimes she doesn't stop killing until she runs out of targets.

When concentrating on a task, Jenka is quick and efficient. She thinks about what the most important thing is, and then does it. She can be impatient when working with others - she expects them to understand her terse reports and orders immediately, and isn't happy when forced into lengthy explanations. She is practical past the point of ruthlessness: in a disaster, she doesn't just run around trying to save people - she finds the person in charge and asks for the most dangerous job they really need done.


Grew up as the sixth of eight children in a poor family in a small village near Mechanicsburg, on the border between Vohemar and the Badlands. She was a dreamy, easily distracted child, not much good on a farm. When she was six or seven, the Master started looking for children to use as experimental subjects, and her parents sold her for a good price. She was given the Jägerbrau, the drink used to turn a human into a Jägermonster, a soldier construct in the Master's army. Usually the Jägerbrau is given to adults, but only one or two out of ten survive the process - the Master was hoping the survival rate would be higher in children. That wasn't the case, and the experiment was declared a failure, but Jenka and several other survivors of her cohort were allowed to grow up in the castle, as long as they managed to avoid the plentiful traps and stayed out of everyone's way.

As Jäger-children, they were inhumanly strong, savage, and nearly indestructible, so most of them lived to adulthood despite the lack of care, and even had fun growing up in such a bizarre setting. Jenka certainly did - she explored every nook of the castle, and soon moved on to the surrounding area. Like all children, she was curious about the outside world, and more willing than other Jägers to go alone outside the castle and even mingle with people - perhaps because she didn't remember being human, and so didn't realize how she looked to them. As she grew older, she spent more and more of her time looking for new challenges in the outside world, having nothing else to do. She was a very thoughtful and practical child, so she tried to gain useful skills and information. What's the quickest way from one entrance to the castle to the other? How do you tell which guards will be the easiest to avoid? Where can you find the most interesting monsters? Who do you kill in a village to cause the greatest disturbance? How far do you need to go before people don't immediately recognize you as a Heterodyne monster, and how do you keep them from finding out?

When she was 16, Jenka inevitably became a far-range scout and occasional spy for the Heterodyne army - like all Jägers, she was implicitly loyal to the Masters and never conceived of other life choices. The new role didn't change her life much, but gave a welcome purpose to her escapades and her up to now pointless life. She flourished - like most Jägers, she needed something to do. She enjoyed the constant testing of her abilities, seeing new places, meeting and killing new people. Most of all she enjoyed being alone with the world, in the emptiness and quiet occasionally interrupted by screams. Thanks to the near-immortality conferred by the Jäger transformation, she spent hundreds of years living this life, honing her skills and enjoying herself without a thought of change.

When the Heterodyne brothers disappeared, the generals recalled all the Jägerkin and decided to take the army into the service of another baron. To maintain at least a symbol of their loyalty to the old masters, they asked for some of the soldiers to volunteer for an almost certainly fruitless search for a Heterodyne heir. Jenka volunteered immediately - this "wild Jäger" job was perfect for her. Unlike the other volunteers, for whom being separated from their companions was a tragedy, she truly didn't mind leaving the army. She searched for years, in charge of a unit of three other Jägers (including Dimo and Maxim), and carrying messages between the searchers and the generals (usually Mamma Gkika). When the three under her command found Agatha Heterodyne, she continued coordinating their efforts with the army, and helped the heir regain her place.

When Agatha asked for Jäger volunteers to search for her lost father and uncle, again Jenka stepped forward. She even suggested that it might be a better idea for each of the searchers to go out alone - in her experience, even a small group of Jägers together was much more obvious than just one, and she didn't care if some of them felt alone. However, after a couple of years she realized she missed her companions. At first she resisted the idea, and the internal struggle drove her alone into the Badlands, to drown the thoughts in violence. That worked for a while - killing had always been her best escape. But eventually she realized she couldn't fulfill her orders this way, and she needed to start the search again - she just couldn't deal with doing it alone. With her old information-gathering skills, finding Dimo and Maxim didn't take her very long, and she decided to join their group at the first opportunity. A pirate ship sounded like fun, anyway...


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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: She's a Jager - bloodthirsty monsters serving a mad scientist, and so on. This was all near Mechanicsburg, in Vohemar on the edge of the Badlands. She knows the other Jagers on the ship (this will become public knowledge once they actually meet).

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: She became a Jager when she was 6, as part of an experiment to find out if children survive the transformation better than adults (no, they don't). The date of this experiment makes her 370-400 years old. She's still serving the aforementioned mad scientist family, right now on a search for the father and uncle of the current Mistress. The last two generations broke with the family's longstanding "mad and evil" tradition, leaving the Jagers somewhat at a loss.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: The Jagers in general might be one. Definitely at least in a large patch of Vohemar around Mechanicsburg.