Jade Curtiss
Highly Professional
Gender Male
Age 36
Race Human
Ship The Victoria II
Position Chief of Medical Staff
Birthplace Tulgim
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivona Navy

Jade is well-known medical researcher, though he also dabbles in fonic theory, and is currently serving aboard the Victoria II. He smiles far too much.


Jade is often contradictory and intensely enigmatic. This is not to say he is emotionless, – though many, himself included, would argue that to be the case – he simply keeps his true emotions very tightly in check. He is at times sarcastic and pessimistic, while at others he'll be honest and logical, but his conflicting actions are primarily for the best interests of those involved. He is hyper-intelligent, yet both physically and socially graceful. Jade harbors a small amount of annoyance for just about every classification of people, but he is particularly contemptuous of those who are ignorant, arrogant, or unduly proud (though he is occasionally guilty of the latter two). Behind his polite facade, he is cunning, calculating and always moves where least expected. While he is a driven perfectionist, he has no qualms about using his status as an "old man" as way to avoid heavy labor or excuse himself from monotonous situations.

To the few people he respects or trusts, however, he radically different. Jade is smooth, witty and particularly enjoys finding new and exciting ways to throw others off balance. He is marginally more expressive in private and shows a wider range of emotion, though he still keeps a good deal to himself. The most telling sign of Jade's respect for a person – as a friend, comrade or even enemy – is his merciless, though relatively (relatively) light-hearted, teasing of them. Though he denies it, he takes great pleasure in educating others, provided they are willing to learn in face of his often caustic remarks. Jade does not give his trust easily, and he never forgives those who break it.


Born Jade Balfour in the small town of Tulgim, most of Jade's early childhood is lost to history. He cannot remember the names of his parents, let alone their faces or fate. As a child, Jade was a monster – intellectually a genius, yet he held no conception of life and death or right and wrong. His sense of ethics was severely stunted, and he viewed everything with a clinical detachment. The earliest memories readily available to him are those of one Professor Gelda Nebilim, a retired military scientist who educated and helped to raise the "devil child". Also under Professor Nebilim's care were three young political refugees from Bellcius – Nephry Curtiss, Saphir, and Peony IX – alongside whom Jade was raised.

Around age 14 Jade, ever-curious and without the normal restrictions of ethics or personal responsibility, experimented with the Professor's fonic techniques. Incapable of using the 7th fonon, - a skill his teacher was renowned for – Jade's power recoiled and set the house ablaze. Nebilim died, despite the children's efforts to save her, and left Jade with a curious sense of loss. He spent the next few weeks in near-seclusion, but for the company of Saphir, delving into unexplored fields of fonic research, with particular emphasis on replication. His efforts yielded the first successful clone of a once-living person, – Nebilim, of course - but the replica was flawed. It lacked any sort of humanity, and soon after its birth rampaged throughout Tulgim for no reason but that it could. Jade – with the help of Saphir – managed to confine the monster for good and has since lost whatever ideas he held about the malleability of life or death and whatever dreams he had about resuscitating the Professor.

Saphir – Dist, now – has not.

In the aftermath of this second disaster, Jade returned to Bellcius where he was adopted by the prominent military family Curtiss. His adoptive sister Nephry was no small influence in his "humanization" and despite past events, encouraged their parents to send him off to the naval academy. Jade graduated swiftly, with honors, and for a time led a small division of men on border patrol. Despite his military prowess, however, he soon grew tired of its limitations. Jade presented his since-perfected work with cloning – fomicry – to his superiors and was immediately granted a prestigious position within the Science and Special Ops division. He earned his doctorate(s) in coroner's pathology, pharmaceutical chemistry and general medicine, but his reputation as a researcher and scientist of military innovation is far more prominent than that of his talents as a highly-respected doctor.


Peony Upala Malkuth IX

Jade's childhood friend and one of two people for whom he feels true affection. He is also a bothersome royal twit, but Jade has long since learned to cope. For extensive introspective details, check here.

Miyo Takano

She smiles as much as Jade, so they get along famously. They've been seen socially together a few times, but no one actually knows quite what their relationship is. Jade still isn't quite sure what's ever going on in her head, and has little desire to know - or so he tells himself. He's far too curious and Ms. Takano far too enigmatic for anyone's good.

Manfred von Karma

Jade had reservations about the dear captain early on, but has since come to appreciate the Admiral's stark practicality. They don't trust each other in the least~

He holds a high amount of respect for von Karma, despite his unease with some of the Captain's methods. Jade does, after all, value results far more than he does political correctness. It's safe to say that, barring any accidents, Jade will be around to clean up the Captain's messes for quite a while.

Miles Edgeworth

Edgeworth's stress levels both worry and amuse Jade. On the one hand, stroke = not good; on the other, the Commander's reactions are usually hilarious. He has a good head on his shoulders and is less prone to rage than the captain. Jade is endlessly thankful (dramatic sigh of relief goes here) that Edgeworth is around to keep a bit of a stopper on von Karma.

On a more serious note, what little Jade has seen of Worthy actually doing officerish things has been fairly impressive - he's mildly surprised to see that Edgeworth actually gives a damn about the crew as people, not simply assets. He's also convinced that Edgeworth will have little problem shooting through the ranks and becoming a rather frightening Admiral himself.

However, Jade also has this nagging suspicion that not all is well in the state of Denmark Edgeworth. The Commander has so much potential, but he's also stubborn, self-loathing, and utterly unwilling to accept goodwill from others, a combination that Jade suspects will land Edgeworth in jail, therapy, or an early grave.

Seras Victoria

Jade is rather fond of her, in the way that one might be fond of a personal experiment. She's quite fascinating, and has a sort of childishness that (and he will never admit this) he finds refreshing.

Hijikata Toshirou

Jade thinks Rou has an excellent head for command, despite his abrasive personality. He wishes the man would stop smoking so much, though. Why are all the good officers so self destructive?

And no, Rou will never live down adopting Chi. Never.


Inactive Characters


  • Jade has been offered many promotions (up to at least Commodore) by the Specialists Department for his work in Fomicry, but he has refused them all. He's quite content where he is~
  • Prior to getting nabbed by the Specialists Department, Jade did serve in active command duty.
  • He prefers blondes. Don't let Peony know 8/
  • He can go up to three days without sleep (though it isn't pretty :/), multiple weeks with 3-4 hours of sleep a night, and days without food. He just gets...busy sometimes.
  • Jade knows very well how effeminate he can look and will often use it to throw people off-guard.
  • The left side of his torso and most of his left forearm are covered in old burn scars. They're remnants of the whole burning house fiasco with Nebilim.
  • In the right light, and if he has his glasses off, one can see the glyphs literally carved into his eyes.

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