When the first people came to Reial from the lands below, they found themselves on the eastern edge of a wide expanse of land, and slowly spread out from there. Small settlements became larger ones until finally most of the population lived in these cities, thanks to the safety found in numbers. After a few decades of conflict caused by feuding warlords, the cities were finally united under one ruler and became the nation of Ivona.

It's been nearly five hundred years since then, and Ivona has grown to cover nearly the entire eastern half of the continent. Ivona is best known for both its production and its rather large population; despite being the origin of most technological advances now used today, crowded living conditions remains a harder problem to solve. There's squalor and splendor in equal amounts here, with the gap between the rich and the poor growing ever wider. You can walk through the same city and go from muddy, crumbling, soot-covered neighborhoods to streets paved with white stone, where spires edged in gleaming metal stretch high into the air. Ivona itself suffers from a general lack of resources, except for the various metals mined from the mountains to the north.

Ivona's government is a representative democracy that makes use of a parliament, with a president that acts as tiebreaker and general head of the nation. The current president, Byron Tolsade, doubles as the head of the military - a situation which has persisted since a coup in which the military gained power over two hundred years ago. There's corruption in the system, but it remains mostly hidden from the public at large, save for the occasional scandal.

The military of Ivona is a proud tradition. Navy personnel number slightly more than ground forces do, but both branches carry quite a bit of prestige. The only problem with this prestige is, many richer families tend to have entire families follow in a military tradition - and often very few in the tradition actually have a good head for fighting or military tactics.

Currently, Ivona remains wary of the intentions of its neighboring nation, Vohemar, and has increased patrols along the border both on land and in the air.

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