Character Pages

First of all, it should be noted that you are not required to make your character page this way. You're not even required to make a character page at all if you don't want to. It's just for fun!

To create a character page, go to the main page and scroll down to the write a new article textbox and enter your character's name, then click "create new article."


Example: Enter

{{character pages}}
into blank document and press "save."

Once there, DO NOT click on any of the tabs at the top. No, not even the character one. Please remain on the blank document and enter this code:

{{Character pages}}

Then click "save." Now, you will have a character page with many different fields. To edit these fields, either click on the individual "edit" links next to them, or go to "edit" at the top of the page to edit them all in bulk. When you go to the edit page, there will be a yellow box entitled "character pages." Click on this box and you will be able to edit all the fields. Once done, press "ok" and save the page.

If you want to customize your page in ways not allowed by the template, read on to learn how to add just the character information box.


Go to edit and click on "character pages." Then fill in the fields and press "ok" and save.

Information Box Edit

Do as above, by going to create a new page for your character. But in this case, the code to enter is different. Enter the following code and save the page:

From there you can make your own sections as you choose!

Links Edit

Here's some helpful links to get you started with editing, using the wiki format! Don't forget to also use the 'show editing tips' link as you edit a page, it can be very helpful!

Idiot's Guide to the TST Wiki - Done by Levi.

Wikipedia's own page on formatting