Haruhi Suzumiya
Placeholder person
Awesomest actress evar
Gender Female
Age 16
Race Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position ACTRESS! Ok, seaman.
Birthplace Trewe
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Unaffiliated.

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Haruhi usually possesses a wicked grin, a not-so-subtle hint that she has some kind of trick up her sleeve. She loves to play pranks on her fellow crewmates—perfectly harmless pranks, of course! She’s not trying to be mean; she’s just trying to fill the Winding Way with fun! (As if it needed any more.)

Kept occupied, Haruhi is usually a happy teenage girl. However, she hates being bored for any extended period of time, at which point in time she will probably enlist some member of the crew to join her in some grand adventure. That was why she joined the Winding Way crew, after all.

She also possesses a fairly short temper. At that point, she is usually fairly hard to calm down (unless told to do so by a person she respects). She’s hard headed, and will stick to her ideals no matter what.

However, there is one side of Haruhi that is rarely shown, though it may be the driving factor in her life. Sometimes she feels as if she isn’t doing enough with her life, and that the memory of her life will fade away when she dies. She tries not to let this get to her, preferring to drag someone along with her on some adventure to solidify her place in this world.


Haruhi was born in the modest town of Trewe. Growing up she was wholly content. She had a pleasant family, good friends, and a nice school. Life was good. Through she knew something of the town’s purpose as a trading post, she was not interested much in the surrounding areas. She was content to stay within her own little world.

Until she found a book.

It was a book recounting the old myths, about a world that used to exist before the new world rose from its grave.

Haruhi became aware for the first time of a world that existed beyond her town. Her world had been built from the old world. What had happened to them? Had they died, all those people? The book of myths was not enough to answer that question and Haruhi could find little information elsewhere.

If they had all died, then no one now remembered them.

The young Haruhi fell into a sudden melancholy. Her previous passions no longer interested her. Her friends and family became normal in her eyes. Her world became that of the mundane and simplistic.

She took to a new hobby. Trekking across map upon map with her finger, she traced the path of civilization. Reial’s population was constantly expanding even as more and more people died. Unremembered. Forgotten. She would become one of those people.

She didn’t want to become one of those people!

As the years began to pass, air travel swiftly grew within the city and with it so did Haruhi’s desire to leave. She wanted to search for epic adventures and strange occurrences. She wanted to become someone. She wanted to be remembered for something.

So, upon turning sixteen, considering herself to be more than grown-up, she hopped a ride aboard an airship and hasn’t returned home since. Very quickly she found herself drawn to a certain ship, The Winding Way, recognizing it immediately as having the potential for great adventure (owing in part to its eccentric captain). It has lived up to her expectations so far, and Haruhi has remained there ever since.


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