Haine Otomiya
Gender Female
Age 16
Race Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Gunner
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Neutral

Haine Otomiya is a Gunner aboard The Winding Way, a girl with a past she regrets and hope for her future. Mostly, though, she likes living in the present and doing things at her own pace.


Haine is a rather cheerful person, acting carefree and maybe a little clueless. However, she has her moments of intuition and insight. She's very reliable, and tends to be energetic about most things. When serious or fighting, though, she's incredibly focused, even a little scary at times. She tends to get embarrassed when talking about intimate topics, such as sex and love and such. When her front teeth are knocked out, she flies into a rage and causes destruction, and will continue to do so until someone manages to replace her teeth (see history for an explanation).

Haine's work ethic is impressive; once given a job, she will absolutely finish it. Of course, in the gang, that meant by any means necessary. In the world of 'normal' people, that means she will use any semi-legal, non-violent means necessary. Once she is given a task, she focuses and concentrates on it till the objection is completed, albeit sometimes in her own unique way. She's not very skilled as far as book smarts go, but what she lacks there is made up for in street smarts and conversational savvy. She's a little more open about herself thanks to Shizumasa, though she keeps tight lipped about the plans of her crew, of course.


Haine comes from a very unusual situation. Haine Otomiya used to be Haine Kamiya, but was sold to the Otomiya family, in return for a business loan of an undisclosed amount. As it happens, Mr. Kamiya did not want Haine in the first place, since she wasn't male, and in his mind, would not be a worthy heir to his shipping business.

When she was first adopted by the Otomiyas, it was just her and the father, but he later remarried and had a son, so he became the heir to the Otomiya family. She felt so out of place and unwanted she became part of a gang of street thugs, cutting her hair and sneaking out of the house at night, picking fights, and just getting into trouble. She became notorious for her skill in both hand to hand combat and with her triple barrel Flintlock pistol. Then one night, Haine met a boy named Shizumasa Togu on the street, and his actions made her break away from the gang.

When Haine told the gang leader, Kasuga, that she was going to leave, Kasuga went into a rage and broke Haine's front two teeth, causing Haine to now wear false teeth. If those false teeth come out, it is said that Haine becomes a 'beast'. More than that, when Haine gets angry, she can kick ass, take names, and be just as scary as she was back then.

Haine then became a pacifist and stopped fighting, but still couldn't bring herself to go back home. Never having stopped thinking about Shizumasa, Haine soon turned her attention to the air, hearing that she could find him if she was on an airship. Having natural acting skills, she found herself signing up for The Winding Way. The rest, as they say, is history.


Rikku Dalabane

Haine's closest friend, Rikku is like a sister to Haine, and one of the few people who knows about Haine's true past. Her cheerful, upbeat influence and peppy attitude match Haine's, even if her approach to the romantic aspects of Haine's life make the Gunner flail a bit. All in all, Rikku's the person Haine needed when she left the gang; it just took Haine a little while to find her. The pair often create harmless mischief together, and get along very well.

Beat Bito

Beat is Haine's boyfriend. The pair met one day while Beat was boarding, and Haine, impressed with his skill, decided to practice. They became close over a few visits, and on the night of The Steel Samurai play, Haine and Beat became a couple, and kissed for the first time. Haine's feelings for him never wavered, despite their distance; after the bombings, Haine was one of the people most worried for his safety, and almost changed ships. However, this proved unnecessary, since a small while later, Beat came aboard the Way. In a nutshell, Haine loves him, and woe betide the soul that hurts Beat, lest they wish for Haine's wrath.

Despite Beat's clumsy, inarticulate nature, those very things charm Haine, and make him all the more endearing to her. He may not be very smart, but Haine doesn't seem to mind that, not being horribly smart herself due to her time with the gang.

Giselle Phillip

Haine knew Giselle as the perky, effervescent Cook of the Way, though not much more than that. However, during the bombings, Haine saved Giselle and helped her evacuate the Way, risking her own self, which was already injured, in the process. Haine likes her eternally upbeat outlook, and find it refreshing.


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