Grell Sutcliff
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Even with all this, I'm a butler of death
Gender Female
Age 24 (23 when first in game)
Race Demihuman
Ship Fiertia
Position Boatswain
Birthplace Bellcius (founded abandoned outside of the city)
Nationality Ivonan
Faction Spears Military family

Grell Sutcliff is a Boatswain of The Fiertia. Due to chaos she caused in his home, she was sent by her boss, William T. Spears, to serve him time on the ship.


Grell is a flamboyant, cheerful sadist who enjoys flirting, bloody situations, and fighting. She appears to have a tenuous grasp on sanity at best, switching from childish irritation to murderous rage at the drop of a hat. Beauty is a big thing of hers, so its wise not to mess that up for her. Beside her annoyance, she can serve anyone well yet has a urge of rule breaking to "spice up" things around the ship, to make things more fun for the crew or herself.

Grell always greets or talk to people in some way that just messes with them. Regardless of gender, she flirts with everyone and she even referred to herself and a man as Romeo and Juliet once, which horrified the man. To people that have a higher rank than her, she still flirts with them in more of a respectful way like adding a nice comment to them during the job. When angry, she can get pretty insane, like realistic threats with her chainsaw. If the situation is serious, plus the man who anger her has lost his usefulness, she'll be happy to take them out. Grell also enjoys children because they have interested her and plus she always wanted a child of his own. Long story short, she can go from childish annoyance to crazy flirt to insane, serial killing maniac.


Grell was born as an orphan, without knowing the identities of her parents and was left abandoned in a rose garden outside of Bellcius, having a vine of thorns wrapped around her. It appeared that someone was trying to kill her. She was founded and rescued by a traveler and took her to live in Bellcius. After a struggling life of poverty, she gained the interest of William T. Spears, a man who was not only the head of the Spears military family, but a famous assistant instructor at Bellcius academy. William, at first, despises Grell, but believed that she may be useful in someway. So, he took her into his house to teach her the important things of military, business, and fighting while making her work as his personal butler as well. For years, Grell served and worked for William quite well, even though she messed up things here and there. To society, they just saw her as someone who doesn't seem to be mentally right, since instead of a regular sword to protect the house, she uses a chainsaw, a gardening tool. Others find it strange, but Grell thinks it will be better than a sword. One day, Grell met a well known socialite and doctor, Angelina Durless, who is called Madam Red by the people of Ivona. Since William has taught her a lot and knows Madam Red, he sent Grell off to serve her for a while, but he told Grell to not cause chaos in the city and will punish her severely if she does.

However, the truth is that Grell knew of Madam Red before joining forces with her. One night, she caught her killing a woman, which somehow amused Grell. She discovered that the reason she was killing them is that they were old customers of Madam Red that got abortions from her. Since she can't have children and hated others that are careless of them, Madam Red decided to murdered them. Grell decided to team up with the woman, if she can help with the killing because she found it fun. For the reasons of hiding herself in society, Grell disguised herself more human-like with black hair, normal teeth, and more proper appearance when she serves Madam Red. She also disguise her personality by acting childish, quiet and suicidal when she does something wrong, so nobody could tell it was her. Thus, the pair went under the alas as "Jack the Ripper"

The pair traveled around Ivona, tracking down the ones on Madam Red's "list." As they kill the women one by one, many groups of officers and soldiers hunted them down. This continued for months, women of Ivona slowly died as citizens either fear or ignore it. As the list was finished, the pair were caught by one of Ivona's youngest lords, Ciel Phatomhive and his butler, Sebastian. The pair decided to murder them before they report their true identities, but Madam Red struggled to handled the young child while Grell and Sebastian battled. Since Madam Red is Ciel's aunt, she treated him like her only child and refused to kill him. Grell believed that she lost her use and murdered her right in front of her nephew, who commanded Sebastian to murder Grell. The two butlers faced off in a deadly battle, and right before Sebastian kills Grell with her own weapon, William rescues her.

Grell was grateful for the rescue, but she wasn't off the hook. William told the other two that he'll handle Grell so he dragged her back by her hair to their home. Almost a year later, William figured out how to finish off Grell's punishment after beating her every other day. Since Grell got education and skill, he gave Grell a chainsaw, some francs, a journal, and a letter. He sent Grell out of Bellcius to get a job at a ship called The Fiertia, who is the home of the Brave Vesperia guild. William believed that the guild will teach Grell some rules and matters while she tries to patch up the murders. Grell doesn't really care, but if its to get away from William, it will have to do. After searching and traveling for months, she founded the ship and after some work, she got a job on it and it went on from there.


Sebastian Michaelis The "Romeo" in Grell's life. Even though Sebastian hates her guts and wishes her to be dead, that doesn't stop Grell from flirting and annoying him until she gets kicked out of the kitchen. Grell hopes one day to at least kiss the man.

Uni Giglio Nero Even though these two talked for a few times, Grell sees her very quiet, but a good person. She somewhat sees her as the one who is very gentle and caring to about everyone on the ship. Deep down, she wonders what she is thinking most of the time.

William T. Spears Grell's boss in the Spears Military family. After Grell was adopted into the family, she has been serving William for a very long time. She shows affection to him, but William just keeps a straight face and returns to his books. He had to return back to home to take care of his father, who was the one who adopted Grell.

Old crewmembers:

Etna Grell became interested in this demonic chef since both of them love theater and love to cause pain to others. Perhaps a "brother and sister" relationship was growing between them. However, Grell misses her since she left the ship for unknown reasons.

Kara "Starbuck" Thrace Even though Grell is not a major drinker like Kara is, these two became good drinking buddies and great friends, bordering on romance. Like Etna, Grell grew upset that she left, but continues to keep in touch with letters.


[Chillin' in Kropmork] Etna, Rise, and Grell are doing shopping for Amicus in the shopping districts of Kropmork.

[It's like a Dream] The crew of the Fiertia vs. Team Fail. This does not end well.

[Dining with the Overlord Queen] Grell bugging the shit out of Sebastian at Etna's dinner. Nothing special.

[A Toast to the Fiertia] Tsunpo invited some of the crew for drinks

[He really....does] Grell, meet Watson. Watson, meet Grell.

[Secret Agent Meg] Grell meets Meg. That's it.

[Just a night out for the girls~] Grell and Kara, the two lesbian drinking buddies, going out....for drinks.

[Racers, start your engines!] Grell decided to give Sebastian a little surprise during the races~


- Due to the fact that Grell was abandoned when she was born, she's not sure what race she is. Currently, she believes she's demihuman

- Her weapon of choice is a chainsaw since it fits her well and she finds it more effective than an average sword. However, she can find any use to anything that is sharp.

- Her birthday is October 31, the same as Kristoph Gavin

- She owns a black kitten named Lucia. Grell found the kitten during the plane races, so she got her cleaned up and checked before she decided to show Sebastian her discovery. Today, Lucia can be found in Grell's cabin, sleeping or playing with her toys when Grell is gone to work.

- She started working as a butler at 13, being a butler for over a decade.

- Red is her signature color, as she is the only one who can wear it correctly and make it look good.

- If you could find a flower to describe her with, the rose fits her. Grell shows beauty, but is actually quite deadly with her "thorns".

- During his times as Jack the Ripper, she and Madam Red killed 13 women.

- Only a few know or seen this, but she actually knows how to ride horses.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Grell served as a right hand man of the Spears military family before leaving off to go join the Fiertia. The family was known for always following laws and rules, even though Grell tends to not do that.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: She was the other killer in "Jack the Ripper" and is currently wanted, even though she did the killings in a disguise and is rumored to be dead.