Greed/Ling Yao/Roa Martel
Ling Yao, Greed, and the unholy combination
Gender Male
Age 18
Race Body-snatching Entity
Ship The 4423
Position Quartermaster
Birthplace Ivona
Nationality Ivona
Faction Pirate

Greed is a Quartermaster on the 4423. He's also a body-snatcher, a drunk, and enjoys being the diciplinary authority on his ship.


Greed isn’t just called Greed because it sounds cool. He embodies the very essence of the word. Greed is selfish and self serving. He’s out for himself and is on an ongoing quest to attain everything in the world. He’s confident and cocky, and is definitely able to back himself up, hence putting him at a fairly high position on his ship, the 4423. Although even with that position, he still acts fairly laid back, only tensing when the situation is dire.

Let it be said that Greed is an asshole, but that doesn’t mean he’s unnecessarily cruel. He does have principles and as long as you don’t cross him, you’ll be treated fairly by him. In addition, he follows two guidelines that he never breaks. He doesn’t lie, and he doesn’t hurt women. The reasoning behind these are unknown; you won’t get an answer out of him. Another thing you won’t get out of him is why he carries around and protects a sword that he never uses. The sword itself looks very expensive and well made, but it never leaves it’s sheathe. And when you get to close, Greed tends to get defensive.

On the off chance that the original owner of the body is in control, you’ll find Ling Yao to be a pretty different person. He’s quirky and considerably easier to get along with than Greed. He seems optimistic, though slightly humbled by the harshness that’s been his punishment over the last several years. Mentioning his goals or family, however, will get him riled up, and he can get even dangerously reckless.


This story starts off a little differently than most. The charming face you see Greed with, as well as the fit, ninja-trained body, is not truly his possession, despite what he says. The original owner to that body is a boy named Ling Yao. Ling came from a very wealthy and a very big family in Ivona. He wasn’t the oldest, or the youngest, but we’ll at least say he was the twelfth. Growing up, Ling lived with a moderate peace with his family. He barely new his parents, and him and his siblings were rather raised by caregivers hired by them.

Now it was a little known fact that Ling’s family, the Yao family, were active in their city. What isn’t in the newspapers is that they help fund the organized crime going on underneath most of the city’s nose. While this is something Ling and his siblings grew up knowing, it always left a bad taste in Ling’s mouth.

When his father suddenly fell ill with a discernable sickness, the doctors predicted a short amount of time was left for him. Suddenly, the siblings realized the question of the inheritance. Ling knew that if he were to gain it, he could change the direction his family was going in and bring back true honor to his family name.

He figured that if he could show his father the symbol of immortality, it would be enough to gain his favor. With that in mind, Ling set out for the mana chrystals, one called the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ in particular.

Ling traveled across the country, searching for any leads he could. Eventually he bumped into the Elric brothers and Winry along his search. They left an impression on each other before Ling parted ways with them (like the dint in his skull after he asked Winry’s hand in marriage). Not long after this, did Ling finally find the lead he was looking for. Or, at least that was what he thought.

The stone, though large like the Philosopher’s Stone, was not quite it at all. It was also owned by someone already. However, by this point, Ling had become so obsessed with finding the stone, that he recklessly through himself at this opportunity. He broke into the home of the stone’s owner.

The plan did not go through. The owner of the stone, an elderly woman well-versed in magic, used the stone against him, placing him under a curse.

As punishment, Ling lost his body to a dark spiritual being known as Greed. Greed assumed complete control while sealing away Ling inside his own sword, the last real thing the boy still owned. Ling was fifteen when it happened.

Over the next three years, Greed roamed about the two countries on his own accord. He developed a liking to the surface world.

While he was in Vohemar, he decided to sign up for a ship. He was getting a little bored just running around on his own, and he figured he could work his way up the latter to running it himself. It was a small step in his conquest over the world.

Easily hitting the position on quartermaster, Greed continues to enjoy his job on the 4423. Though, he’s not sure why he finds the first mate a bit irksome.


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