Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
I know why the caged bird sings
Gender Female
Age 16
Race Human/Caucasian
Ship Victoria II
Position Passanger/Grand Duchess
Birthplace Alexandria, Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction The Court of Alexandria

Melodies of Life


Despite appearing to be a weak little girl who daring to do more than her abilities allows her to, Garnet has indisputable strong sense of duty and determination that allows her to continue when many would have lost hope and given up. Garnet is a benevolent soul who is willing to do almost anything for the sake of her people and puts others ahead of herself. She is a genuinely charming and sweet young woman with all the works that makes her strong leader and one day will mold her to become a wonderful Grand Duchess of the Alexandrian Court. Garnet is a responsible and daring woman with a heart made out of pure gold and good intentions for those she befriends and loves dearly. She is not the kind of young woman to betray and harm others for her own personal benefit and despises those who do so. Emotionally wise, Garnet is weak considering she puts her duty and people ahead of her own wants and needs. She is very well mannered and polite because of her royal linage but lacks the street smarts and knowledge needed to live a life outside of her kingdom. Garnet is a very humble girl despite living in luxury as a royal Lady; she is not spoiled and rather don rags rather than riches.


Supposedly born into the Royal House of Alexandria as their 17th heir to the prestigious court, Lady Garnet Alexandria is one of the many daughters of the extended royal family in Erealia. It is unknown to the Lady that she is not truly of royal blood and that she was merely adopted into the royal court by the lonely wife of the famous Grand Duke Alexandros. Garnet was taken in by the royal court because of her uncanny resemblance to the Grand Duke's deceased daughter. Her true heritage is unknown to her but it is suspected that she may be the last survivor who hails from a remote the ruins of a former summoner village in Erealia called "Maidain Sari".

When she was merely a child, Garnet taken a keen interest in learning magic and divulged herself in reading fairytales about far off kingdoms and valiant heroes. Her intrigue in mythology is what lead the young Lady to yearn for the freedom she wishes could have. Like a caged canary, the young girl quickly realized that the world she desperately wanted to see is off-limits to her because of her royal lineage. In her pre-teen years, Garnet discovered she has a wonderful but dangerous gift, the ability to summon Eidolons (or beasts) from various dimensions and worlds to aid her in combat. With such powers lying dormant within her, Garnet spent most of her life in fear of what wickedness others within the Alexandria court would have do if they learned more about her fantastic power.

However, one day her life changed completely once the Court of Alexandria voted her to be their new vassal to explore the new world. The Lady viewed this as her chance to finally escape from her gilded cage and finally live her life the way she saw fit. With very little worries in her mind for the dangers that may come, Garnet stepped out for Erealia for the first time ever and traveled to Ivona to board the Victoria II, the prized and prestigious battleship of the Ivonian Military.


  • Larsa Ferrinas Solidor - She thinks very highly of the little prince and is hopeful one day that Prince Larsa shall assume the throne of Erealia. She respects him as royalty but also sees him as a treasured friend.

  • Matilda Wormwood- Garnet likes Matilda's youthful personality and wouldn't mind to get to know more about this mysterious little girl.

  • Peony Upala Malkuth IX- Despite how overly flamboyant the Prince Peony is, she adores his since of style and his cordial personality. Garnet is quite fond of his army of rappigs and sometimes go out of her way to pamper and take care of the adorable pets.

  • Millie Thompson- At first, Garnet was intimidated by Millie because of her height(Millie is a giant compared to Garnet) but now after meeting her, Garnet is quite fond of the cheerful saleswoman.


A Dead Man's party - Garnet's first appearance in the game is unfortunately a terrifying one.

Jester of the Moon - Garnet prowels the streets of Melior at night and meets a certain young reporter...

Three Little Women & a Giant - The first time Garnet ever met Matilda & Millie.

A desperate battle - Garnet summons Shiva to aid several others to battle a fearsome yeti.

Of All The Worst Possible Times - Prince Larsa & Lady Garnet have a talk after the brutal battle against the yetis.


  • Shiva

The ancient Goddess of destruction in the form of a beautiful and exquisite ice maiden who's demeanor is as frigid as her icy heart. She is Garnet's first summon that she has mastered and is the Eidolon she trusts to most for she managed to master summoning the Ice Queen when she was just a mere child. Shiva is very obedient and follows her summoner's command without even a second thought.

Element: Ice Gemstone: Opal Attack: Diamond Dust

  • Ifrit

A fiery and brutal God with the powers to melt the very heavens with his unearthly rage, unlike Shiva, summoning Ifrit takes a little more effort for Garnet to accomplish but does not mean it cannot be done. Ifrit is obedient to a certain extent, sometimes being far too relied up in the pleasure of combat to heed the Lady' command. This fiery behemoth is certainly not as reliable as Shiva but he can get the job done.

Element: Fire Gemstone: Topaz Attack: Flames Of Hell

  • Ramuh

A wise old sage who became one with lightning and thunder, able to tear asunder great kingdoms with just a mere motion from his magical staff, Garnet trusts this Eidolon much more than she trusts Ifrit. Ramuh is an astute Eidolon who worries for the well fare of others as well as the well fare of his summoner. Despite the agony, it takes Garnet to summon him, the Lady rather use Ramuh to aid her if Shiva cannot assist her. However, usually after summoning this powerful sage into combat, Lady Garnet ends up with a horrible headache or faints.

Element: Lightning Gemstone: Peridot Attack: Judgment Bolt

  • Leviathan

The infamous sea dragon once feared by sailors who once tread across it's murky seas, Leviathan is a pleasant creature who utterly loyal to Lady Garnet and wonderfully well behaved. Garnet and Leviathan have a 'Master and pet' sort of relationship, the sea dragon being rather reliable and loyal as man's best friend. It is a shame that Garnet sometimes cannot summon this creature without causing great harm to herself. However, when she can properly summon him, this sea dragon is very helpful and strong in combat.

Element: Water Gemstone: Aquamarine Attack: Tsunami

-----The Last Three-----

  • Odin

Once a great warrior who traveled through the lands of Reial upon a six-legged steed, Odin is the quiet and stern Eidolon who defends the weak, innocent from the cruelty of the rich, and wicked, one of the last three creatures that the young Lady has not learned how to control and summon as of yet. Summoning Odin would weaken Garnet greatly and would even bring her to the brink of death. Despite his wonderful powers and his swiftness with his blade, Garnet is fearful of summoning this Eidolon and never viewed him outside of legends and myths.

Element: Non-elemental Gemstone: Dark Matter Attack: Zantetsuken

  • Bahamut

The viscous and wild dragon God who once defied the Heavens and mocked Man, like Odin, summoning this sinister dragon god would be close to impossible for Garnet to do so. Her powers have not involved in such a way that she can handle controlling such a beast and would nearly kill her to do so.

There is no summoner alive who has successfully summoned the dragon god…

Element: Non-elemental Gemstone: Garnet Attack: Mega Flare

  • Ark

Once the mythical battleship used by the Gods of Valhalla, the Ark takes its majestic sails up once more and travels over the lands of Reial with such magnificent grace. Known as the 'Ultimate Vessel of the Gods', the Ark is a powerful ship that is said to be the most powerful summon out of the long list powerful of Eidolons. Garnet will die if she ever summons this Eidolon unless she has help with another summon to bring forth this mystical battleship.

Like the other two, there has not been a summoner ever recorded who were capable of summoning this Eidolon.

Element: Dark Gemstone: Pumice Attack: Eternal Darkness

Rumor MillEdit

A young regal Grand Duchess who hails from the Court of Alexandria in Erealia. Her beauty is said to be quite legendary despite the fact that her mother was rather aesthetically challenged.