Ffamran Bunansa
Ffamran Bunansa image
Gender Male
Age 17
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Navigator
Birthplace Melior
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian Military

Ffamran Bunansa is the only son of Cidolfus Bunansa and Navigator on the Victoria II. He's a bit disrespectful, but he mostly does his best job.


Externally, Ffamran is a light-hearted person, he uses sarcasm to make light of dangerous situations, especially when nervous. He has a healthy disrespect for people who did not earn their authority, although he never lets it get in the way of how he does his job. He respects the chain of command because he knows it is how military advancement works. He considers himself to be smarter than a lot of people, which occasionally manifest as arrogance, but he is very respectful of people he considers his academic equals or betters. He does well talking with his elders, as he grew up talking scientific theory with his father's colleagues, but that also means he has a hard time with people who are younger than him.

He is, by turns, old for his age and young for his age; he can be very mature sometimes, discussing theoretical engineering or math, but he can also be disrespectful or selfish when confronted by people who do not respect him who he feels should. Because his father concentrated more on work than on Ffamran, he has a weakness for adults who treat him as an equal. He and his father get along well, but more like two adults than a father and son.

He is an equal opportunity flirt, but rarely takes his own flirting seriously. He considers himself bisexual but rarely bothers to pursue relationships. He cares very deeply about close friends, but does not have many people who he considers close. If it came to it, he would go down with the ship and sacrifice himself to save others, but he finds that amount of selfishness to be embarrassing if others knew, he likes to project the image of someone too cynical for that.


Ffamran was born in Melior, the only son of a notable professor and inventor, Cidolfus Bunansa; his mother died in childbirth, a loss that Cid has never really recovered from. Doctor Cid is a high-ranking member of one of the foremost weapons research laboratories in Melior. In his youth, Ffamran picked up a variety of technical and research skills from his father, spending much of his free time at his father's laboratory, learning at the feet of some of the best minds in Melior.

Ffamran's father first wanted him to go into academics, but ultimately, even though he was intelligent, the idea of sitting at a desk all day long did not appeal to him. His father was disappointed, but used his influence to get Ffamran a seat at the prestigious Belarus Academy.

Ffamran tended towards being second or third best in all of his classes, something that constantly frustrated his teachers, who knew he often had the aptitude to be first, had he tried harder (or at all). He made a few enemies of students who envied his success without trying, a grudge that was often taken out in hand to hand combat, or even deserted corridors of the academy. He generally was liked by his teachers, upperclassmen and students who did better than him in class.

He was assigned to the Victoria II right out of the Academy, and he has been a little nervous ever since. His father is powerful enough to have made some enemies, and his smart-ass nature hasn't won him as many friends as it has people who are jealous of him. He hopes it was just because his competent mediocrity was noted and appreciated, not because someone is out to get him.


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