The story of this land is a very strange one. The man that succeeded in clearing the land of monsters and declaring it his was, to use the medical term, completely bonkers. He founded Erealia as a country based on the old stories of the pre-Ivona warlords, with a good dose of chivalry and other ancient ideas stirred into the mix. What he ended up creating was a land with strangely medieval-like attributes, both in the country's government and how its people live there.

Not only is Erealia self-contained as far as not needing major trade to actually survive, there is a royal family that lives in an actual castle - a castle made of mish-mashed parts of former ruins, with a lot of metal thrown in. It might be medieval-like there, but technology is not unwelcome - the 'royal inventors' there have even come up with working, steam-driven metal horses and clockwork knights. The current rulers of the land are King Saleno and Queen Atlene Mytacur. They have a number of children as well as plenty of extended family, most of whom lives on Erealia and make up the nobility.