Commander Cao Cao [Mengde]
Caocao cat
The sexy Cao loves his pet kitty. >3
Gender Male
Age 32
Race Human/Asian
Ship Victoria II
Position Strategist
Birthplace Bellicus, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian Military

Thread carefully, he is highly paranoid...


The rumors that circulate around Cao Cao describe him as a deviously cunning and intelligent individual who is highly resourceful in combat. He is a decorated officer who has won fame for his glorious campaigns during the years under his former captain, Yuan Shao. He is an ambitious fellow, a realistic dreamer who wishes for nothing more than the best life has to offer, despite whatever conniving means he needs to do in order obtain such grandeur. To some, Cao Cao acts as if he does not bare a conscious and is known to put his own goals ahead of lovers and friends alike. He does maintain a strong bond or unity with his family’s clan, quick to boast about his grand heritage to those who are imprudent enough not to have heard of him.

However, despite the hard and imposing exterior that Cao Cao has created for himself; the Wei heir is a rather fun loving individual for he enjoys hunting and spends most of his days enjoying art and theater. He is a refined gentleman who knows when to pull the façade of the imposing Sir Cao Cao and when to be the humble ‘Mengde’. Despite what many may think of this just turned thirty-year-old commander, Cao Cao is a very accomplished character in and outside of the military ranks.


Cao Cao, also known otherwise as Cao Mengde, is the descendant of a famous Senator in Ivona named ‘Cao Can’ who served in office for many years before his death. His father, Cao Song, was originally from the Xiahou family, a fellow noble clan who operated in Solare but Cao Teng (son of Cao Can) adopted him into the Cao family, thus claiming the surname name of ‘Cao’.

Cao Cao was born in Bellicus under the watchful eyes of his father’s wealthy, diplomatic family with great expectations for his to follow in the family’s prominent legacy. Joining the Military at very young age, Cao Cao showed great promise to his commanding officers and quickly climbed the ranks with relative ease under the watchful guidance of his family’s close political allies, the Yuan. It would be the father of the Yuan family named “ Admiral Yuan Shao”, to continue nurturing young Cao Cao’s pursuit to one day become admiral of his own fleet.

At the age of twenty, Cao Cao passed the district government exams and received recommendation from Yuan Shao to become a Senator in the House of Parliament in Bellicus but that dream was soon dashed by the young man’s terrible illness. Inheriting not only his father’s wealth but as well as his poor health, Cao Cao lost his footing to secure a place within Ivona’s politics and his goals for creating a name for himself in the political world was ruined. However, even in this morbid defeat Cao Cao continued his lust for power through his exploits in the Military. He fought tooth and nail to secure his status as ‘Commodore’ within Yuan Shao’s Imperial Naval Fleet but soon realized that his dependency upon Yuan Shao would soon hinder him as a burden once the famous Admiral’s son, Yuan Shu demanded his place within his father’s fleet. With his ranking stripped of him when Yuan Shu took the role of ‘Commodore’, Cao Cao refused to serve under Yuan Shao’s son as ‘Lt. Commander’ and bitterly left the Yuan family’s side.

This act of defiance left a deep schism between the Yuan family and the Cao family of Wei, a move that Cao Cao himself deeply regrets but still refuses to see fault in his ways. Deciding to embark upon a different path on his daunting road for glory, Cao Cao got word about an open position as strategist upon the notorious Victoria II and heard worthy praise about its admiral, Manfred von Karma. Hoping to secure an alliance with the von Karma family and his Clan, Cao Cao joins the ranks of the Victoria II with his head held high and his strong faith within himself.

He hopes to one day prove crush Yuan Shao and the entire Yuan family under the boots of his fantastic legacy.


Sun Ce -- Considering that they are from two opposing political families, Cao Cao does see Sun Ce as a worthy enough adversary to hinder his ambitions. Cao Cao is not very fond of the major's carefree and jovial personality but he is fairly impressed by Sun Ce's fighting skills.

Susan Sto Helit -- Perhaps the only person aboard the Victoria II that Cao honestly values. He finds Susan to be an intriguing and interesting individual, a woman with a mind that she actually uses unlike most young women her age. Despite the fact that Susan seems to ahbor dislike for poetry, Cao Cao is more than pleased to converse with her about military strategies and such.

It is unsure if the two of them shall simply remain as friends or go beyond such a friendship but Cao Cao is content regardless to simply have someone to speak with.

Hijikata Toshirou -- Like most others, Cao Cao did not think highly of Hijikata and viewed him as yet another pompous military brat. However, now after witnessing Hijikata's swordsmanship for himself during the infliration mission to Master Miller's base, the ill views he once had for the major are slowly melting away.

He is starting to view him as somewhat competent.

Miles Edgeworth -- After speaking with Edgeworth for a number of times, Cao Cao views the other with much more respect than he views the admiral, Manfred von Karma. In Cao's opinion, Miles is a rather impressive young man who is able to hold a conversation or two on his own. He finds Edgeworth to be a worthy comrade and certainly is fond of the first mate.

Be careful, Edgeworth. Cao Cao might try to get you to write poetry with him!

Manfred von Karma -- He doesn't like this man but Cao cannot say he hates him either. The two are on two opposite ends of the specturm and they do tend to be just as petty as the next when it comes down to personal opinions in politics and poetry. However, despite how much he may dislike Manfred, he does respect him well enough to work under his command.


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  • Cao Cao's stylized name is 'Mengde' and he is known to use this name more often when meeting others.
  • Cao's name is NOT pronounced as "Cow" but as "T'sao" but only 1% of the population in Reial gets this right. (hence why he uses his stylized name so often)
  • Cao Cao views himself as an artist and not as a mere poet for he feels he is making 'art' rather than just making poetry.
  • Cao wields a mana-infused blade called the 'Wrath of Heaven' that has the ability to freeze people and objects.
  • His canon/actual birthday is March 15th
  • While he shares a name with the popular Reialan chocolate Caocao's Balls, he is not involved in the manufacture or production of them.

Rumor MillEdit

Cao Cao is probably well-known for being the descendant of the famous Ivonian senator, Cao Can [pronounced 'Tsao Tsan'] and the current heir of the Wei Clan. The Wei Clan is a strong political party founded in Bellicus that has ties within the military and delegates within Parliament. They are the third largest political party in operation and are highly respected by the social elites.