Byakuran Gesso
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Let the flowers bloom. I'll take care of the rest.
Gender Male
Age 27
Race Human
Ship The Fiertia
Position Quartermaster
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Brave Vesperia

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Byakuran is a charming man, easy to talk to, happy-go-lucky, very intelligent in many ways, and has a distinctive chuckle to gets to you sometimes (fufufufu~). He's very amiable to many, sarcastically funny to those who know him better, and a grave teaser to those who project the idea that they want him under their skin. Although his friendly nature is usually out in the open, he is a ruthless person—do not show your face to him if you cannot show him your best every day, because not all of the smiles and the kind words that he gives are meant to give comfort—charms and weapons all at the same time.

Under his scrutinizing eyes, one is always being watched, always, so one has to be careful around him. Byakuran has a frightening ability to figure out what someone's weaknesses are and how to best exploit those. He can be creepy that way.

If he wants something done, it will get done by any means, because it's Byakuran, and there's no other reason besides that. There are people who ask for his help in troubled times, but one thing they don't know about this white-haired vigilante is that he acts for personal gain. If your proposal will gain him something of high value, then you shall see it done. If you are in his way, then, you better run away. Everything he does, he does for a reason, step by step—there’s no room for mistakes in his world.

For his captain and for Uni, however, he will most certainly do what he can to help, and will do it with utmost certainty. However, with that aside, he is the epitome of a person loyal only to himself. He will use you as much as he can, and will throw you away like garbage once he is done piling up the pieces he had gotten from you. There will be no remorse in his eyes.

He likes sending people flowers—don’t ask where he gets them. Each flower is different, depending on what message he would like to send. To Yuri, he will most likely always send Crown Vetch flowers, signifying a wish for success to the person who receives it, and there is nothing more that he wants for Yuri to receive (or so he claims).


Born in illustrious Bellcius, he was the only child and heir of the Gesso Family who owned a particularly large trading company called the Millefiore, specializing in trading things of high value, such as jewels and antiques and high-class furniture. His intelligence and cunning was beyond what his parents had imagined, and there was no doubt to them that he would be one of the most successful trading company owners when the time comes.

However, instead of taking his seat on the “Big Chair”, he resolved to put another person in-charge, and he himself merely acted behind the scenes as that person’s motivational speaker, sponsor, and adviser instead. Who that person was before this event, and why he did what he did, no one but him will ever know. As to how he persuaded the family to accept his decision… well, they didn’t, but they didn’t have a chance to say much on the matter either, because the day after the inauguration of the new head of the company, his parents died in a terrible encounter with beasts as they were in a holiday at Bydan in Vohemar. Coincidence? Fate? Accident? Fixed? Byakuran just liked to think that his parents are now living happily in a better, safer place.

Since then, the Millefiore had been on its way into becoming the most successful trading company, indeed. Whether or not business was done in the old-fashioned, chivalrous, honest way, is another story altogether. Rumors spread, of course, that he had become well acquainted with the Assassin Guild of Kropmork-Nahk, as well as another trading company infamous for its illegal trades, but what kind of gentleman was he to involve himself in such endeavor, yes?

One thing was for sure about this, though: even after these past few years that he had disappeared from their sight, they were still ever as loyal to the man who was the rightful heir of the Millefiore.

That one day he disappeared, he merely wanted to get rid of the boredom that was starting to set it, and thought of ways to entertain himself. His first choice, was, of course, becoming a man of the sky, and that he did. He went to study in a famous flying school at Melior and was at the top of his class. However, instead of joining the militia of Ivona like everyone else predicted, he decided to roam around the world as a freelance pilot, and many did want his skills. If asked why, he would answer with a sweet smile and say that it was because he didn’t like the idea of being ordered around all the time.

For a few years, he went around with a few smaller ships, even becoming the first mate of handful, as he had natural talent when it came to flying, leading a crew, and gaining people’s trust (and with his personality, that wasn’t such a dilemma, really). During those times, he became known as ‘the White Orchid’, for reasons only he and those who circulated the name would know. Maybe it was the affinity he had to flowers and their special meanings, especially (yes, you guessed it right) the orchid.

Along the way, he met with a man named Yuri Lowell, who was looking for people to fly the beauty that was the Fiertia, with him. Byakuran was instantly attracted (not in that way) to Yuri’s blunt politeness and sharp answers, that he insisted on joining him, if not because the thrill of flying called for him to partake in this grand adventure. Nothing else was known about their encounter—only that Yuri and Byakuran had come into an understanding at one point or another, and Byakuran became a member of the crew.

Why Byakuran joined the Fiertia, of all ships to join, one would ever know, as Byakuran liked to keep things to himself, and trivial matter such as that didn’t really concern him much. For now, he is keeping his eyes on the captain’s seat as he continued to drown himself with his sweets, just mildly wondering when he’d be able to become commander of such a beautiful ship like this one.

So far, Byakuran had been able to do what he deemed was right, by his terms and his alone. Anyone who stopped him, well… one could only guess where they were now.


Uni Giglionero

A young flower that blooms in his garden of mirth. Byakuran's real intentions in having her is as vague and enigmatic as their public relationship. In their own private moments, they are close—not intimate for someone to think wrong, but not distant for someone not to think that they do have a relationship. He is obviously very protective of her, but there's always something odd to see whenever they are together side by side

If asked, Byakuran will say that once upon a time, he met a lovely princess twirling flowers between her dainty fingers, and when he asked her to be his, she said yes, and here she is. Of course, that's one hard truth to believe, and Byakuran knows this all too well.

Kyouya Hibari

There's obviously more to their relationship that what they let on, what with Byakuran making attempts to invite him to his ship and later on, coming personally to the Silvana to help this poor young lad fix the planes brutally murdered by enemy pirates. Of course, things get even more suspicious in the way they talk and speak to each other, but that's just how they are.

One can only wonder, but despite the bouyant (and seemingly annoying) personality, Byakuran knows when to keep a secret. For now, he classifies Hibari as a friend although the latter likes to think otherwise (and, in truth, they both know what they are to each other, it's just that one of them is more than willing to be the obvious bait).

Many mishaps had happened between them, and in Byakuran's opinion, it's only getting better.

Yuri Lowell

Byakuran's respect for the captain stems from the first time he had met him—how far he is willing to go for the man is another story altogether. Byakuran likes to think that his obedience and perfect facade are enough to woo this young captain.


The more he talks to this kid, the more he amuses him, reminding him of a cat, being killed by his own curiosity.

Aizen Sousuke

They're relationship is unlike any other. Mindgames and wordplays all wrapped up into one, and it's a commendable feat for the both of them to be able to keep up with each other. Of course, at every word in every sentence, there is always an underlying intention, a hidden meaning—of which only they know and only they could respond to for themselves.

Sawada Tsunayoshi

He is interested, to say the least, about this young man venturing forth into the unknown, but for now, he is of no big interest. Unless, of course, the fruit of Uni's men's labor says otherwise. He has a hunch, but that's nothing big, is it?

Gilbert Weillschmidt

A co-quartermaster that he so love to tease. Very, very, very much. Other than that, he holds no particular interest in this man, other than the amusement he gets from talking to him, even if it's only in the network.


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Rumor MillEdit

Public Knowledge

Once a person realizes what Byakuran's last name is, then they will instantly know who he is. He only son and heir of the Gesso Family, owner of the ever-famous Millefiore Family, which is one of the biggest trading company stretching across the continent, who refused to seat on the main chair and gave his title to someone else, but is nonetheless still the main sponsor for the company.

Mostly, people who had flown around for quite a while now will know him as the White Orchid, one who used to be a famous freelance pilot/strategist with an affinity to flowers. It shall also be noted that he is very close to the Fiertia's healer, Uni Ninfea, but will come along later.

Special Knowledge

If one is keeping tracks of what he has been doing, it'll be very good to begin with his business at Kropmork-Nahk. Of course, this is only if you've savvy enough to have ties in the underworld, in the tight-knit guilds, in the Assassin Guild specifically. Byakuran likes to keep his hands clean, after all.

Pop Culture Phenomenon?

Basically, if you know his last name, it opens a lot of doors, but if you don't, then you'll just know him to be the flower-giving idiot who is not an idiot after all 8DD~

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