Bellcius is the most massive city on the continent, and it's no wonder; it's the seat of Ivona's government, and is the home of the House of Parliament as well as several military institutions, including the illustrious Belarus Academy. The most important decisions about the nation's future are made here, and several of the most influential politicians, officers, and old money families reside in the tall, glittering skyscrapers that make up the cityscape. The result is a hotbed of politics that can mean trouble for those caught unawares.

However, there's more to the city than just that. It's not just home to government and politics, but can also be considered the trading center for the nation. Goods fly in from all over the skies, including metals and even jewels from Tulgim, a wealth of manufactured items from Abantiare, the very latest developments from Melior, and exotic delights from beyond the Badlands and the edges of the continent. The strict military influence acts as a balance to counteract any decadence, and as a result the architecture and the people themselves range from the austere to the ludicrously luxuriant. Travelers from all over also add their own influence and variety, as they come to trade, study, or come to catch a glimpse of the sights the Bellcius has to offer, such as the famed Prime Minister's Palace. No matter how you look at Bellcius, one thing is certain: there's always something going on.