Daisukenojo "Beat" Bito
Placeholder person
Gender Male
Age 15
Race Human
Ship 4423 (Currently aboard the Winding Way)
Position Powder Monkey
Birthplace Abantiare
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Vohemar

A Powder Monkey aboard the pirate ship the 4423 and a common cause of exasperation amongst it's long suffering crew...


Fiery is a good word to describe Beat. Almost insanely loud and energetic, he often gets himself into fights and other problems by not bothering to think anything through before acting. He does almost everything based on gut feelings and reactions, quickly moving from burning hate to respect within a few hours. Though he accidentally chases away a lot of people with his attitude, once he does befriend someone he is unwaveringly loyal, even to the point of 'protecting' said person, regardless of if they want it or not. He rarely does this through trickery, preferring physical violence or intimidation.

At first glance most people label Beat as... less than intelligent. True, he is rather dense, but it's more from his rash nature and lack of education. He often shortens his words and mispronounces things, only adding to the image..

The one thing that sets him off more than anything is the use of his real first name. He refuses to use it, and anyone else doing so may either end up with a panicked and embarrassed Beat, or a fist to the face.


Beat is the eldest son of a lower class labor family in Abantiare. He knew from a very young age that he had little chance of moving up in the world, and got used to the idea. He never bothered to apply himself, spending more time picking fights or looting broken down gear to tinker with (and usually breaking even further. It was only through his sisters help that he managed to get the rusty air board up and working.) The young man didn't have the mental talents to excel in any kind of schooling, or the subtly to become a thief or con-man. All he had was a strong back, and his fate seemed sealed.

Until another fight with his parents caused the hot-tempered teen to storm out of his home, swearing never to return. His little sister, Raimu, followed, trying to calm him down enough to come home. He didn't see the approaching steam-car until it was nearly on top of them both. Barely managing to push Raimu out of the way, his, and his sister's, mortality came as a harsh slap of reality. That day he swore to his sister that he would make something of himself, would make himself a brother to be proud of. He never went home that night, and prays that his baby sister is staying home, where she's safe, and not following him into disaster like always.

He carefully (or as carefully as he could manage) made his way over the border, hooking up with various travelers in exchange for another strong body. It was during the harsh land trip that he learned to look after himself, rather then depending on his parents goodwill. It was a tough lesson, but one that was necessary. Eventually reaching Vohemar Beat figured out pretty quick that his best chance was to join a ship's crew. Ship's always needed extra hands, and it would be the best place to gain wealth quickly. And what better way to get some quick loot than a pirate ship?


The 4423

Kambei Shimada

Encouraged by Gorobei and Heihachi after his former swordsmanship teacher left the 4423, Beat went to Kambei for training. To be honest, Beat had no IDEA what he was getting into. Not a few lessons in self-defense, but full on integration into samurai training.

He hasn’t regretted a thing.

Kambei has taken on a parental role for Beat, and he would do just about anything to make his Sensei proud of him. Kambei’s opinion is highly prized by his student, even if Beat causes more headaches then anything.

Winry Rockbell

Winry was probably Beat’s first close friend on the 4423, and even though they haven’t always been able to pal around, they’re relationship has stayed very close. Winry is like an older sister to Beat, and they tend to act like siblings, often pranking or teasing each other.

Beat also has a tiny crush on the First Mate, though it’s faded some now that he’s in a relationship

Katsushiro Okamoto

Katsu has been a weird mixture of friend, brother and rival for Beat almost since day one. A former student of Kambei’s, the two fought the first day they met, and have been building a vague relationship since. When they team up they work very well together, though afterwards things are app to dissolve into bickering VERY quickly.

Beat has yet to admit to himself that he is slightly attracted to Katsushiro, and probably never will.

Penelo Galbana

Another sister-like figure to Beat. There have been a few times where Penelo has had to figuratively slap some sense into him. He likes her a lot, though her relationship with Katsushiro has him confused as all hell.

Reno Harkin

Beat isn’t sure what to think of the red-headed pilot. The two have mostly gotten along… except for when they haven’t. Beat knows he can trust the guy when it comes to ship business (and pissing off Kambei), and deep down thinks Reno is cool… though he’s sure Kambei would have him running laps for a week if he said it outloud.

Anko Mitarashi

Anko is in a similar boat as Reno. Cool, but kinda scary. But un-like Reno, he trusts her a little more ever since she spoke to him after the Doma Incident.

Hiruma Youchi

Beat has a mixture of respect and gut-twisting fear of Hiruma. And outside Kambei, he has probably learned more practical knowledge from the Strategist then just about anyone… even if the lessons are traumatizing beyond all reason. The tiniest bit of approval (or anything that’s not more abuse) from Hiruma equals all the false glowing praise most could give him… if just because he knows he EARNED it, damn it.

Hijikata Toshizou

A lot like Hiruma, only less piss-panting terror, and more quiet awe. They’ve never really crossed paths much face to face, but Hijikata has a way of popping into Beat’s journal with a few words right when he needs them.


Before their journey in the Badlands, Beat had a healthy fear/respect of Greed. And to be honest, that hasn’t changed much. But seeing him work up close has just increased his respect for the other man.

Ling on the other hand Beat has a friendly affection for. They worked well together with Winry, and he has promised to do all he can to free him from Greed, even if it means losing the homunculus… though it would be a lie to say that it doesn’t bother him. A lot.

Gorobei Katayama and Heihachi Hayashida

Beat thinks these two are hilarious, and was shocked to find out how close they are to Kambei. He has a lot of respect for the pair, but really hasn’t realized that they can be just as deadly as his sensei in the right circumstances.

The Winding Way

Raimu “Rhyme” Bito

Rhyme is Beat’s sister. And for him that’s enough.

Though he might say that, he and his sister’s relationship has been FAR from smooth. He’s done his best to look out for her, but his own bitterness over her talents and kindness, on top of his parents dotting affection for her, showed in how he treated her. He could be cutting, mean, and neglectful right along with loving and proud.

Now that Rhyme has forgotten him, he’s starting to realize how badly he treated her, and is… overcompensating somewhat, making her afraid of his overfriendliness. Not that he realizes this.

Haine Otomiya

Haine is Beat’s girlfriend, and their relationship has been shockly smooth. Meeting while beat was out air boarding, they clicked almost right away, and met-up various times before the Kropmork Massacre. That night they shared a kiss, and things have been going well since, even though the distance between them.

Haine… covers a lot of Beat’s blind-spots. She tough, so he doesn’t worry about being careful around her, and she watches out for him mentally; keeping him on track without hurting his feelings or even letting him realize it. Her nature is just as fiery as his own, so they mesh pretty well.

Shiki Misaki

Shiki is probably Beat’s oldest friend. The two grew up together, and she was, unknowingly, his first love. She knows things about him no one else does, and Beat is comfortable with her in a way he is with no one else.

Rikku Dalabane

Like Winry, Rikku is like a sister. Almost literally. She is friendly and energetic and takes him for who he is. Something that is very important to Beat. They have been there for each other through a lot, even though their face to face time has been limited. He would do just about anything for her.

Ness Lakehaven

“Rhyme’s Friend”, though ever since the issues with Ness’ Nightmare Beat has gained respect for him. He feels that there is something deeply sad about Ness, but doesn’t know how to help the older boy.


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