Axel Harkin
Gender Male
Age 23 (as of October 2009)
Race Human/Mage
Ship 4423
Position Black Smith
Birthplace Kropmork-Nahk
Nationality Kropmorkian
Faction Organization

APPEARANCE: He’s a little bit over average height, skinny and pale. His arms and torso are slightly muscular, but he isn’t one for strength. Speed and agility is all he needs to slip past and away from trouble. His hair is red, long, and spiky, which resembles a porcupine of sorts. It’s pretty much unforgettable by anyone. Even if you don’t know his name, you’ll know him by his hair. On his pale face are two face markings. Tattoos in a way. They are two upside down tear marks, just under his eyes and almost on his cheeks. Usually he can be seen with a smirk on his face and a confident attitude. He is rarely seen crying or in a depressive state.

He usually wears dark clothing. With his clothing, you can see his favorite colors, red and black. He doesn’t usually wear hats, but wears a bandana around his forehead, tied in the back. He wears a black and red vest over a white tunic, which is tucked into dark brown pants, held up by a black thick belt. On the belt he has gun holsters and a buckle for his chakrams (explained later). And those said pants are stuffed into large black boots.


Axel is a cocky bastard who loves to banter with other people. With his sly plans, he tends to get away with some things, just under the radar. He looks out for himself, and only close friends. Axel can be selfish most of the time and gets things done when he wants to. He makes little effort to do things for others, unless it totally involves or affects him.

Besides all that, he loves to stir up trouble and gossip with the latest news and events. Even though he's lazy sometimes, he can be on his toes in a matter of seconds. In any situation, Axel will always be a snaky jerk. He isn’t one for deep emotional relationships. Usually he doesn’t have time for them. But, if given the patience and time for it, he could grow close to someone.

Axel doesn’t take well to people who like to be dominant or pushy. He never likes to be pushed around. This man won’t follow orders or requests unless it is absolutely his last option or instructed by a higher up. If he does have any other options, he will fight back as much as he can with all the strength he has in his skinny body. Axel doesn’t want to be seen as weak or have any kind of disadvantage in any situation. If anything, he tries to stay two steps ahead of his competition. When he isn’t ahead of the game, he’d grow mad and frustrated.

He loves to have his way. Axel gets motivated by his achievements, and it fuels the ‘fire’ in him. Then again, fire sometimes can get out of control. A downfall he has is being too confident sometimes. Getting high on all of the things he achieves creates a vulnerable spot for Axel. Getting praises or getting yelled at those who he had the upper hand on tends to let his mind wander in the high. With his mind in the high, sometimes he makes silly mistakes. Then again, mistakes can grow into problems, which puts a damper on Axel’s confidence


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