Al-Cid Margrace
TA2 Al-Cid
The handsome playboy
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Passenger/Spy
Birthplace Rozzaria, Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction House of Margrace

This man is as devious as they come, able to 'woo' the hearts of countless women with only his charming smile.


Judging from his fancy wardrobe, Al-Cid must be a rather confidant individual to parade around town in such outlandish attire. He is may come off as arrogant and frivolous at first but lurking beyond the glitz and glamour is a young man eternally loyal to his kingdom of Erealia and wise to the working of the world. This young man plays the part of the 'lover boy,' the handsome playboy with dozens of women on each arm. Al-Cid is a pompous fellow who does speak in a heavy Spanish-like accent but do not allow this supposedly frivolous façade fool you to believe he is anything but clever. Al-Cid is a very intelligent individual who is rather sharp and witty. He knows much about the follies of politics and is trained in the arts of espionage despite his aristocratic linage.

Al-Cid is the kind of person who demands attention even if he isn't well respected by his own peers. He does not know what it is to be shy and humble and definitely isn't timid in the least. This young noble does not hesitate when around others and is hardly intimidated by anyone around him. As far as he is concerned, he is the most important person who ever lived and feels that people should be intimidated by his charm and grace.

He doesn't think twice about flirting with the opposite sex and not even beautiful princesses are excluded from his flirtatious nature. Even though there are times where Al-Cid came come off as horribly sleazy and over-rehearsed while pursuing the fairer sex, it cannot be denied that he certainly has a certain about of charm about him. Whether it's his exotic accent or fabulous clothing, there is that undeniable charm he has that makes him seem more harmless and playful rather than creepy. He is quick to toss compliments towards women, knowing that the best way to a woman's heart is to flatter her.

No woman would mind being an object of his affection, unless he accidentally grinds her nerves for the Erealian playboy can be quite a nuisance at times.


Born into Erealian royalty as one of the many heirs to the House of Margrace, Al-Cid has always been quite a charmer even in his youth. Although he is not destined to take the throne of Erealia, this does not hinder the young lord from enjoying his princely status. He has always shown interest in politics no matter how foul the political arena can be and Al-Cid usually joined his father and elder brothers on their voyages to Ivona and Vohemar. He was rather well traveled for being one of the youngest members of the House of Margrace, showing a true fascination for cultures beyond the confines of Erealia's fair soils. It is because of his unique fascination for the world that lies beyond Erealia, that his family saw it fit the young aristocrat to act as their 'eyes and ears' during the conflict brewing in Reial.

For years, Al-Cid worked as a 'secret agent' of Erealia, going beyond duty to relay messages from either countries back to his far away kingdom. Very little was known about the sordid relations between Ivona and Vohemar in Erealia because of how tight lipped either countries are about their current grievances with each other. That was why they allowed Al-Cid to travel to so freely upon his own when he reached age of seventeen, between the two countries.

He has secret sources lurking at every port in Reial, most of them being 'women' who willing offer their services to him. These informants keep Al-Cid up to date with the current woes of both Vohemar and Ivona as well sometimes help him keep tabs as to what is happening at his homeland. Most of the time the information they find aren't the kind of material you read about in the Daily Berum and this is all thanks to the many women he managed to lure into his daring schemes. His wit and charm is enough to con a little stool pigeon into work for him, while his expansive wealth does more than keep these little birdies satisfied.

Therefore, it isn't any surprise when this aristocratic spy decided to return to the shores of Ivona in hopes of digging up more dirt about the conflict happening within its Parliament and it's woes with Vohemar. However, this time Al-Cid would not be traveling alone for the young, little, 'emperor-in-waiting' wishes to accompany him to the main continent. Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, the youngest son of the House of Solidor, requested to join Al Cid upon his grand adventures to Ivona; wishing to explore more of the world he has not yet been accustomed to. Deciding to take the younger heir under his wing, Al-Cid obliged with Lord Larsa's wishes and allowed him to join him in a fantastic journey across countries and territories.


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