Agatsuma Soubi
Not as pedo as in canon
Gender Male
Age Twenty
Race Humans
Ship The Victoria II
Position Radio Ops
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonan
Faction Ivonan Navy

Agatsuma Soubi is a Radio Ops on the Victoria II. He enjoys listening to the radio and stalking the network.


Soubi's entire personality is a contradiction. His ideas and views conflict with each other, yet none of them are lies.

Soubi is a loner, yet he needs and wants to connect with others. He found a solution for this, the journal, an item he keeps on his person at all times. This allows him to be near people, yet away from them at the same time. If someone important to him messages, he answers most faithfully. The network is perfect for Soubi, and he has become rather obsessed with it, interested in tracking conversations and looking in from an outsider's standpoint. He has no reason for doing this other than he finds it incredibly entertaining and it's something for him to do. Thus, he is fond of poking his nose into business it definitely does not belong in. However, he will keep everything he sees a secret, as he has no reason to share what he reads or hears.

He takes things literately, so much, to the point that it annoys others. This behavior of his mostly comes from the fact that Soubi likes to be told what to do, to be a servant to someone. No, not likes. He needs it, needs it so strongly that he will even demand to be bossed around, punished, and scolded if needed. However, he's also extremely picky - not just anyone can do this, it has to be someone worthy of his admiration and respect, though how he chooses these people is unknown. Left on his own, Soubi can make some extremely poor decisions and can sometimes be exceedingly cruel and overzealous, a drastic contrast from his normally calm and cool nature.

There is one thing Soubi hates, or at least will admit that he hates: teachers. If asked, he will not explain why.

Soubi walks a fine line in life - the line of being jerk to the point that someone thinks about hitting you, but decide it's not worth it. One of the reason is that Soubi, due to the hardships of his life, has no real notions of right or wrong. All he understands is obedience.


Soubi's mother is well-known in the military for her top notch spell word casting. However, she has long since retired from duty, having settled down in Bellcius to start a family. Her only child was Soubi, who spent the first twelve years of his life living happily with his mother. His father, one of the esteemed Curtiss military family, died in battle when he was very young, so he has only the faintest memories of his father, and he is unsure whether or not they are even real. Soubi struggles so much with this that he opted to take his mother's last name rather than his father's.

Like his mother, Soubi has a gift for spell words, so at the age of twelve, he was sent to the Sepital Moon academy, a school that specializes in spell word education. At Sepital Moon, every student has their own teacher (as mages who use spell words are rare) Soubi had the misfortune of getting the worst teacher possible - his teacher was a man who was once in love with his mother, and never forgave her for not loving him back. Still festering hate for her, he abused Soubi sexually and took out his anger on him. The reasons for this are unclear, whether Soubi was being used as a substitute for his mother or if his teacher was just aiming to hurt his mother by defiling her son, it will probably be forever unknown.

Soubi kept what happened to him a secret, even after his graduation from Sepital Moon six years later. He never told his mother what happened and continued as if life were perfect. But, as it was not, Soubi became a stunted individual. He developed a smoking habit. He separated himself from other people, longing and wishing for human contact, but was always too afraid to go get it. He eventually opted to follow his mother's footsteps and entered the military, hoping to find a place there. It was in the military where he discovered the journal network, a wonderful new invention that lets him be close to people without acutally being close to them. He trained in Radio Ops (another way to talk to people from a distance) and has only recently finished his training and received a post on the Victoria II.


Jade Curtiss

Soubi's cousin. The two of them get along very well due to their similar personalities. It's been noted by many people that they look very similar.

Kristoph Gavin

Another cousin of Soubi's, this one by marriage. There's something about Kristoph Soubi thinks is just...well, off. He doesn't quite know what it is, however. Despite this, Soubi cares about his stepcousin and willingly helps him out whenever he can.

Miyo Takano

Soubi is one of the few people who doesn't find Takano weird or creepy, but actually rather enjoys her presence.

Peony Upala Malkuth IX

Jade's enigmatic royal friend. Soubi is quite jealous of him.




  • "Well, I have been a bit fatigued lately. However, I'm not entirely sure if it's from exhaustion, boredom, or just plain laziness." -Smartass.


  • Despite the fact that Soubi has two family members aboard the Victoria II, he actually isn't related to either of them by blood - Jade is adopted, and he's related to Kristoph by marriage.
  • Soubi can hack everything except the unhackable. He's read everything readable.
  • Soubi knows what you did last summer.
  • Soubi's eyes are purple, and is a rare instance of a plain old regular human with purple eyes.
  • Although Soubi is technically a Curtiss, he took his mother's last name (she kept her maiden name, partially due to her fame) because he barely knew his father and didn't feel comfortable with the Curtiss name.
  • The magic Soubi uses is a unique kind called Spell Words. Spell Words work by the caster envisioning and describing what he wants the spell to do. The stronger the mental image and the more eloquent the description, the stronger the spell will be.
  • Spell Words are unique in the fact that they are not significantly enhanced by Mana Crystals due to the way they work.
  • A Spell Word caster can double his power by taking a "Sacrifice," a person who is willing to take all damage for the "Fighter" in return for an increased Fighter output. The Sacrifice may not fight.
  • The bandages around Soubi's neck hide a terrible manmade scar that encircles his neck several times. The word "BELOVED" is also etched beneath it. It's unclear who gave this scar to him.
  • Soubi's birthday is October 30th, just one day before Kristoph's.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Agatsuma Soubi is the son of a member of the famed Curtiss military family and the most famous spell word caster in Reial. He recently graduated from the academy and is working Radio Ops on the Victoria II. Soubi's father was killed in battle and his mother retired from the military. Those that know him might notice he has strange obsessions with the radio and the network.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Before attending military academy at eighteen, Soubi was sent to the Sepital Moon academy, which is a school for spell word casters. He was sexually abused by his instructor (more info on that in his history) and had a drastic personality change as a result. Nobody knows of this, not even Soubi's own mother.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Soubi is an excellent spell word caster. But he's mostly known because of his parents: his father being a Curtiss, his mother being a former magical powerhouse. ==